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Those who shared room w/ baby...

When did (or will) you move DC to his/her own room?  Why that age and not sooner or later?

Re: Those who shared room w/ baby...

  • Well, as you know, we share a family bed.  We will move him into his room whenever he is ready (we're sticking  to the AP "watch the baby, not the clock" mantra) and even then we will keep an open door policy.  We do it because it just works for us-- he loves snuggling with us and vice versa.  That being said, we only use our bedroom to sleep otherwise we live in the family room.
  • We did it July 4th weekend so she was a little over 2 months old.

    DH was itching to get her out of our room b/c she woke him up (and he woke her up with his snoring so it was a vicious cycle) constantly throughout the night. I wasn't ready, but I kinda thought it would be time soon. I figured I'd take advantage of the 4 day holiday weekend and having DH around during the day. I thought if things didn't go so well at night, he'd be around to bail me out during the day. She actually slept from about 9 till 5am her first night! She didn't do as well the next night but moving her definitely improved everyone's sleep.
  • ditto to what Mrs Incredible wrote. I have a feeling he will be ready as he approaches 3  years old. As it is now, he will wake up, push me and say "Go way mama."
  • When my niece was born, SIL only had a one-bedroom apartment, so they had to share a room. When SIL moved here from San Jose, she moved into a 2-bedroom apartment so now niece has her own room. That's just how it worked out.

  • We are actually planning on doing it this weekend...but I am not looking forward to it.

    I wish I would have done it around 2 months, when I had originally planned to...but I am a procrastinator and I think it will be harder now.


  • DS sleeps in our room in his bassinet and he's just over 3 months now. I've started thinking about moving him to his crib in his room but I'm not ready yet. He is still nursing at night (usually at 3 am) and I bring him in to our bed at his 6 am feed and we sleep together until about 8am. I'm not ready to not have him close to me -- I need to see and hear what he's up to, even if I'm asleep. But he will soon outgrow his co-sleeper and need to be moved. It makes me sad to think about but we'll probably do it at about 4 months, right before I go back to work. I'm hoping he'll be sleeping through the whole night by then.
  • Around 6.5 months and then it was only cuz he was too big for the cosleeper.  We waited as long as possible cuz our bedrooms are on different levels of the house and I didn't want to go up and down the stairs in the middle of the night when he woke up.  So it was mostly selfish on my part.  He transitioned great though (we had been doing naps in his crib for a few months, so he was already used to sleeping in it) and started sleeping through the night like 2 weeks later. 
  • We moved her at 5 or 6 months...literally one night because she was ready...I on the other hand cried about it :)
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  • Ryan was moved to his bed at around 2 months as well.  It was time for us.....we both needed good sleep.
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  • 3 weeks! Girlfriend is a grunter in her sleep and was too damn loud.  We all slept better.
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  • 21 months....I was 6 months PG w/ G and we finally got a 2 bedroom....the earliest I would have considered is 18 months for for G he is a different baby and I could see him moving in w/ Z at a year or so.
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