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Post Partum Hemorrhage and future delivery question

Hey yall. I had my little girl 3.5 months ago. I went into labor on my own (water broke) and wasnt progressing so they gave me pit to help speed things along. I had an epi and the delivery was easy.

After delivery is when all heck broke lose. I had uterine atony (where your uterus doesnt clamp down and you continue to bleed) along with a vertical tear down my cervix. I had to have two blood transfusions for the amount of blood lost. 

My question is did any of you have post partum hemmorrhages or uterine atony with one of your deliveries and then go on to have a successful delivery without the same complications?? 

I want a few more kids but am struggling with fear and success stories would be great to hear! Thanks!! 

Re: Post Partum Hemorrhage and future delivery question

  • Sorry you went through that. My mom had a post-partum hemmorrhage with my sister, and went on to deliver my brother with no complications. :)
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  • I also had a postpartum hemorrhage with my first. From what I understand you may be at a slightly higher risk of another hemorrhage with your future deliveries, but it's not much higher than any other woman who hasn't had a hemorrhage. Glad you're doing better, hemorrhages are scary. It can be done!
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  • Had a postpartum hemmorhage with my first, also had uterine atony. Didn't require any blood products, but probably should have. The midwife who delivered DD said that next time around, make sure they have Methergine at the bedside just in case. Was told by my OB that this complication was probably caused by a long delivery and also Pitocin can increase your chances of bleeding. Also had 2nd degree tearing that could have added to the equation. With that being said, as long as you haven't been diagnosed with like a clotting disorder or something like that, you should be ok. I am currently pregnant with #2 and my OB doesn't seem too worried about having another vaginal birth.

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