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anyone start DC after 6 months?

DD has been with a sitter at home 3 days/week since i went back to work when she was 4 months old.  she'll be starting DC next week and i'm so nervous about the transition!  she's used to a ton of personal attention, she's not great at napping unassisted (being rocked or strolled to sleep), she doesn't play alone/amuse herself for very long, etc. 

i know all LOs are different, but how was the transition for your LO? 

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Re: anyone start DC after 6 months?

  • IL's watched LO until 6 months and then we started in home DC. He transitioned really well and we never had any problems. Hopefully your transition will be just as easy! GL
  • Kate started at 9 months (I went back to work at 6, but b/c of her surgery, we couldn't send her until it was done, so she was home with MIL). She did fine, except it took her a few days for her to not cry at drop off (though she stopped a few minutes later) and she didn't nap well for a while.
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  • My daughter started DC at 9 months.  I think it's true what they say about the transition being harder for the parents than it is for the child.  It probably took about 2 weeks before she was fully adjusted.  She would cry a bit at drop off (only for a few minutes) and was fussy at times during the day until they figured out her schedule.  The naps weren't the greatest those first few weeks either.  But, now she has no problems at all.  She truly loves her little friends at school.  I often wonder if she has more fun there than she does at home! 
  • My son was fine after being home with me for 4.5 months, and with my mom for 3.  The day care I chose was tiny, though, and he got a ton of personal attention...his teachers just adore him and spoil him mercilessly.

    He did have napping issues, though...there are still some days that he just doesn't nap for 6 hours or so.

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