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when will/did your LO start preschool?

Our church has a great preschool program that starts at age 2. I can't believe I'm looking into preschools already. Zoe will be 2 in July. It's just 2 days a week. I know 2 kids in the program who like it a lot. I guess I need to look at other programs to have a back up if she doesn't get in (they fill up quickly).

When did your LO start preschool? What things did you look at to help you choose schools? 

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Re: when will/did your LO start preschool?

  • Mads started in Sept, and she turned 2 in August. She really likes it, and I LOVE it, lol! She goes T/Th from 9:30-1:15. She has had trouble with drop off a lot, but once I'm gone she has so much fun, and loves to show me all of the the things she made at school.

    I think it's good for her to be in a structured environment without me there, so she learns to follow directions and play with other kids when I'm not around. And have I mentioned that I LOVE having those hours to myself every week, lol?

    ETA: you're smart to look now, I think I signed Maddie up in Jan last year. Some schools fill up really fast!

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  • Natalie will be starting in the Fall.  She'll be 3.5 yr. old when she starts.  It will be 5 days/week for 4-5 hours (I don't recall exactly how long it is).  We knew we wanted her to go to Montessori so I started by looking into those in our town (vs. North Raleigh, for instance).  I found one I loved so we already signed her up and she's in for next year.  If we hadn't gone with Montessori, I would have looked for preschools within a 15-20 min drive at max. from our house. 

    We weren't in any hurry to have her start school yet.  I figured she's learning a lot from us and our nanny, and she's does 2-3 structured activities a week already.  Plus, hopefully she'll go on to get her PhD like we did and if she does, that's already 23+ years of school from kindergarten on.  We thought we'd give her a few more years of just being a kid with no school before she starts down that long road. 

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  • Will started in Sept, he was 20 months old.... He is in a 1 yr old class.  It is also at a church, he goes 3 days a week, 9:30-1:00.  There is only 4 in his class, which I like.  They have a good reputation and I know people who have taught there is the past, so we went with them, didn't look anywhere else.  At that young of an age, I just wanted someone who would take care of my child and a place where Will can learn to share and get along with other children.  He loves it, will do 3 days again next year.
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  • Liam started preschool at 2.  It is only 2 mornings a week, from 9-12, which is a nice little break for both of us.  As a stay at home, only child, I really felt it was important for him to have a little structured time away from me.  He does usually have a hard time at drop off, but enjoys the rest of his day.

    In your situation, unless there's something you specifically don't like about it, I'd go with the one at your church.  As a church member, you should get priority enrollment over non-members.  I didn't have any specific things I was looking for, and there weren't many preschools nearby, so I visited 2 I was interested in, and kind of went with my gut feeling from there.  One of them seemed to have more of a focus on learning through doing, with an emphasis on physical activity that I thought would suit Liam's active personality better than one where they spent more time in circle time type activities, and I have been very happy with my choice!

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  • Ashley started at two (she turned two in July like your DD and started that September). She went two mornings a week from 9a-12p. She goes to a church preschool as well. She was the youngest in the class and did have a bit of an adjustment, but after about a month, she stopped crying when I dropped her off and by that spring, she really seemed to love it. I do not regret starting her at 2, I think it was really good for her.
  • Camryn started in the toddler class before she turned 2 in October.  It's the church preschool in between my house and my parents' house.  It's T/Th 9 to 12.  This year she is in the 2 year old class.  I did it mainly to give my parents a break because they watch both girls 4 days a week and to give her more structure.  She loved it from the get-go and has done great.  She loves other kids.  I picked this particular one because of location and I grew up with the director's kids.  I trust her and know that she knows what she is doing and she has been there for many years.  I will probably start Caylee this fall in the toddler class just before she turns 2.  With the way they both have fall birthdays, they will end up going for 4 years to preschool, but I will prob. just stick with the T/Th at least another year so it's not like they are going 5 days a week. 

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