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Cute ways to announce baby's sex on Facebook

We found out last week that we are having a healthy baby GIRL!  We are super excited and surprised our families at Christmas with personalized ornanments that said "It's a Girl!"  We have told our close friends and extended families but I am looking for cute ways to announce on Facebook.  Any ideas?????

Thanks in advance!

Re: Cute ways to announce baby's sex on Facebook

  • I don't know how creative this is, but I thought it was fun! I know a girl who got cute pink keds and held them up to her belly so when she posted that weeks pic everyone knew AHHH ITS A GIRL! Smile
  • We didn't do anything special on facebook to announce...but my friend found out she was having a boy and just very subtle would put the word he or him in her status while talking about the baby and a lot of people didn't catch it.  I thought it was cute!

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  • You could say something about Santa bringing the news of a baby girl coming in May.
  • I had my scan two weeks ago. Friends were asking me and I told them all the baby didn't cooperate. Then after I did the reveal for my family I posted how I'm a big fat liar and that we knew all along it was a girl. Everyone thought it was kind of funny but mean at the same time. Well at least the people that commented.

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  • We live out of town from all of our family, so we told them it's a girl but sending a picture in our christmas card... it was just us standing in front of the tree with a sign I painted saying "It's a girl!". Once all the family received their cards, we each changed our fb profile picture to that picture, and wrote a status saying "happy holidays from e, j, and baby GIRL k!" My wall exploded with comments... the only downside was that some of our more daft friends (DH's mostly) thought that meant we HAD our baby girl, even though there were no pictures of her up or anything, haha. Just so you know to avoid that! I had to put on DH's wall "We should have put 'It's a half-baked fetus with 2 X chromosomes!'" and then those people got it...
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  • My friend tied a blue ribbon & stuck a blue bow on her belly and made it her profile picture.
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  • What are little girls made of? - Mother Goose nursery rhymes. 

    What are little girls made of?

    Sugar and spice,

    And everything nice,

    That's what little girls are made of.

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  • I made a comment that my husband would need to learn how to tie bows.  The funniest response pointed out his bows would look nothing like mine! :)
  • I am having a girl.

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  • On New Year's Day, I plan to write:

    "Boy, it is going to be an interesting year"

     I am having a boy, and want to see who catches on.  Maybe nobody! 

  • My husband wrote "I shall call him, Mini-Me"
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  • On New Years day I'm changing my status to "Roses are red; violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and Carolina is too."  DH is posting a photo album with us holding up signs that say Welcome, To Our, Family, Carolina.


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