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1st appt. for referral

So I have my first appointment next week where I guess I'll be getting a referral for an OB. This is my first pregnancy so I was wondering what they are going to do. Are they just going to ask questions and take some blood? Do they do an exam? Any input from your experiene would be great!
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Re: 1st appt. for referral

  • They will confirm your pregnancy with a blood test or urine test.  You should meet with your PCM or his/her nurse and go over pregnancy do's and don'ts.  We got a list of parenting/birthing classes in the area.  They gave me a list of OB's that were in network.  I'm not at a base/post where there is a military OB or military hospital, so I see a civillian OB.   Your base/post might be different.  I didn't get a pelvic exam or any baby related exams.  Your visit may be different though.  They calculated my due date and asked if I had any questions and sent me on my way.  Short and sweet.

    GL and congrats!

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  • My referral appointment with my PCM was just: go in, pee in a cup, wait 15 minutes for them to tell me "hey it's positive, we'll send your referral to Tricare," and then leave.  I didn't do anything else pregnancy related until I actually saw an OB.
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  • With DD, my PCM confirmed my pregnancy with a urine test, gave me a script for prenatal vitamins, and sent me on my way.  I was in the waiting room longer than I was in the office.  About ten days later, I got a letter in the mail with my OB's information in it.

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