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Final hearing next month

We have our final hearing coming up at the end of next month. The only thing that we are really in disagreement on is A's last name. A has my last name and ex wants A to have his last name. I am fairly certain I will win that one since I am the custodial parent and ex filled out his part of the BC knowing that A's name on there was mine. He told me later he didn't want to fight about in the hospital in front of my mom and his escort but that he never agreed to the last name.

I am going to talk to the lawyer about making sure that I can live anywhere in the U.S. that I want. I am sure that ex is expecting me to move back home in a couple years but I am not planning to. And since he moved across the country instead of staying here where his son was I don't think he will have a fight saying that I have to move back there so he can be closer to his son. If he wanted that he would have stayed here close to his son, you know?

I really hated ex for a long time but now I have moved away from that and we are able to communicate fine enough and I don't have any more fears about him having visitation with A. Even though I am pretty confident that everything will turn out the way I want it I am still nervous.

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Re: Final hearing next month

  • Good luck with the hearing Jen, and can I add that your siggy pic is just too much!! I love how A looks in his little brown suit!
  • I hope they let A keep your last name.  I've never understood these men wanting their children to have their last names when they aren't even involved, or barely. 

    GL with the final hearing and definitely update us ASAP!

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  • Good luck! My trial date is next month, so I know how nerve racking it can be even when you think things will probably go your way.
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