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Morning all,

Have any of you gone to UCONN? We are seeing DR. Schmidt. I have all my question's typed out and ready to go!

What can I expect at our first appointment? I heard it's just a "getting to know you" appt. My OB never took any blood tests or anything. So I wouldnt think they would do that in the first appt right?

Any success stories, or information would be great. Thanks Ladies!

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Re: Uconn Fertility Clinic

  • First, apologies for having nothing to offer you really. My OB highly recommends Schmidt, and said she thinks patients she refers to him come back to her pregnant quicker than those who go elsewhere.

    I am currently awaiting b/w results and may be following in your footsteps to UCONN, so I'll be watching for a follow-up post. Thanks, and best of luck to you!

    TTC #1 since June 2010
    Me: 36, DH: 42
    Dx: DOR and MFI

    DH: low count + very low motility; hormones all normal; Sperm DNA Frag. test = poor to fair; male karyotyping normal
    Me: FSH 13.4 + AMH 0.26 + hypothyroidism; Scratch the hypothyrodism (?); Blood clotting and immune panel all negative; endometrial biopsy normal

    IVF #1 (MDLF - Jul/Aug 2011): BFN (9R, 5M, 3F with ICSI, 3dt of 1 10-cell grade 2, no frosties)
    IVF #2 (EP-antagonist - Sep/Oct 2011): BFN (6R, 4M, 3F w/ ICSI, 3dt of 1 6-cell, 1 7-cell, grade 4s, no frosties)
    DE IVF #1 (shared cycle - June 2012): c/p (6R, 6F w/ICSI, 3dt 1 8-cell grade A- and 1 7-cell grade A-; no frosties)
    DE IVF #2 (shared cycle with new donor - Nov/Dec/ 2012): - BFP!!!!! 12/14/12. U/S on 12/27 shows twins!!!!!

  • I have seen Dr. Schmidt for my PCOS and got pg twice. He is AMAZING!!!! very kind, and caring, funny, he's awesome. Although I didnt really care for UCONN overall, (too many patients, long waiting time etc.) but i loved Schmidt so i stayed. If you need more info pm me
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  • I went to UCONN and had Dr Benadiva and loved him! He totally put his all into getting me preggers. He was very determined when I had started to lose hope.

    Best of luck!

  • We saw Dr. Engmann from UConn...I was actually just "released" to my OB. Oddly, I was so sad to leave. Dr. E is truly our miracle worker. Though we would have loved to not "need" him at all... working with him and the rest of the staff at The Center was amazing. 

    Good luck!!

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  • Hi

    I picked UConn over Yalle because of better rates...

    I am patient of Dr Benadiva. On the first visit I spent about an hour with his assistant: she gave me all the kind of questions, reviewed the paperwork I did before the visit.

    They should send you paperwork right after you set the apointment and ask to return it before the visit.

    After conv with assistant Dr.Benediva came in and I was checked w/ ultrasound. After this we all moved to the doc's office and talked about next step. He gave me all the kind of tests (he gave me the paper w check list of things has to be done w the dates when it has to be done). I am going to see him again on 25th.

    I was told to do full blood work right after the visit in UConn lab.

    I did hormon testing in local QuestDiagnostics.

    My husband had to go to their center to do sperm test.

    HSG was done in another center in Hardford since Dr. Benadiva was on vacation on those days when it had to be done.

    The most what I liked - financial advisor,,,She helped me a lot w/ my incurance. I work for catholic organization so on paper they gave me it says they don't cover anything whats about infert . (I paid all my bills till now because that what was incurance saying) She found out they cover the testing! I will try to get money back now I paid for hormone testing before.

    Good luck to you!

    ,,,it took two years to get there,,,
  • I go to the Uconn Fertility Clinic and see Dr. Schmidt also. I really like him a lot- great guy who is easy to get along with, explains things well and is comforting. My husband constantly comments on what a fabulous Dr. he is, etc.  I also agree with a previous post about lots of patients in the clinic, but I never felt that way with Dr. Schmidt.  I've taken a break the last few months and it is kind of strange not seeing him on a regular basis.  Best of luck with your first appt.
  • First, sorry to hear you're going through this. I also saw Dr. Engmann at UCONN and really liked him.  After 2 1/2 years of trying, I'm excited to say we just finished our first trimester!  Keeping our fingers crossed.  Anyway, Dr E was open to different ideas and thoughts and I felt like he gave us all our options.  We were able to make our own decisions and he was always supportive.  In the end, we did two rounds of IVF and it worked (FINALLY!)!  I liked UCONN a lot - they have a lot of staff and experience and run a tight ship.

    In the end, just make sure you have someone you and your significant other are comfortable with and feel you can ask a lot of questions to.  I'm surprised your OB did nothing, but I'm sure you'll get the full workup after your first appt!  Also, set your expectations.  I got my hopes up that our first IUI would work, but it didn't.  In fact, it took 1 1/2 years of seeing the RE.  I hope your experience is a lot better, but hang in there.  You just have to stay strong... even if you don't think you can!

    PS - they also have a psychologist on staff who is very experienced with infertility.  I didn't see her until after our first IVF didn't work, but she was very helpful.  Just great to hear opinions on how to deal with the frustration as well as all your "helpful" friends who will say "oh, you just have to relax".   In the words of my husband "it just f----in s-cks!"

    Good luck!!!  I wish you all the best!

  • Hi ladies,

    I just started at UConn last month with Dr. Engmann, and so far I am very very happy.  I couldn't believe how nice/concerned/caring Dr. Engmann was, and the nurse who works with all of his patients, Lisa, is amazing.  I think she might be the nurse that works with Dr. Schmidt's patients, too.  She is so kind and always returns my calls very promptly and is happy to answer and explain any question or concern I may have.

    My first appointment was a lot of background information (with a doctor who was a resident I think-- not Dr. Engmann), and they did an internal ultrasound.  Then I met with Dr. Engmann in his office and he explained what he thought was the best course of treatment and we made a plan.   Then I did some bloodwork in the lab (in the same building) and that was it.   Since that first appointment I've done a bunch of blood work, as well as an HSG with Dr. Engmann (and he was AMAZING!  I was so nervous and anxious and he made me feel so comfortable).   We'll be doing our first IUI next cycle!

    Good luck to you!!!

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  • Thanks for all the info ladies, we go to our 1b appointment 2/22.
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  • I just scheduled my first appointment at UConn with Dr. Benavida.  Thanks to this thread... I'm really pretty confident about this whole process :)
  • Hi,

    I saw your review regarding Dr. Schmidt at Uconn fertility center. I have PCOS too and am planning to TTC. I want to get some tests done just to make sure that my hormone levels are alright.

    Could you suggest a good ob/gyn for the same either at Uconn or around Hartford area?

    Could you please share more about -

    - How long you had to try before and after approaching the fertility center?

    - How long was the treatment?

    - Which method of treatment, medicines were prescribed to you?

    - Did you have any side effects of the treatment during pregnancy that affected your or your baby's health?

    I would truly appreciate your advice.


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