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Confession time: who else is in the club?

I saw in a post below that groovygirl is doing the same thing we are.  DH and I have the week off but are sending our precious bundles of joy to DC so we can enjoy some time alone and do a bunch of things around the house (Christmas decorations already got packed away and lots of laundry done).  Honestly, but for the expected snow and DD's impending surgery, I'd probably send them tomorrow too.  

How about you?  Anyone else off but kids are going to DC? 

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Re: Confession time: who else is in the club?

  • Not relevant but our daycare is closed this week and I'm NOT off!  
  • DH and I are both working this week, so DS is going to daycare.  However, I have had a lot of days off for OB appointments recently and DS always goes to daycare and stays until "normal" pick up time.  This allowed me to do my Christmas shopping, cleaning and get ready for #2.  He loves daycare, I don't feel guilty about it.  Plus, I'm much more sane in the evenings and weekends because I'm not running around as much.

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  • We don't send our sweet girl to daycare but if we did I would totally get some errands done while she was there.  It is not like you get any type of discount for them not going and "me" and DH and I time is always nice.  I went to 3 movies last week and my mom and MIL watched Keira.  I didn't feel bad at all about it.  I don't get to see movies much so when they offered I totally took them up on it.
  • DH and I were home monday, and I was home Tuesday. We have an au pair, but I still gave her the two days off.. I feel that when I have time off I want to spend it with them (but that's probably because I recently went from working part time to full time).  I'm sure soon enough I'll take a day to get stuff done and still have our au pair work.
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  • I wish!!  DC is closed this week but I still have to work (it's actually a busy time of year for me) so DH is home w/ DDs.  He's exhausted ... poor guy! Tongue Tied

  • Nope.  My day care is a pay when you are there operation and I can not see not working and paying someone to take care of him.  I would not get anything done if he was in daycare anyway. 
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  • I was off all last week and DS went to daycare, he'd much rather be there than doing chores and home repairs. This week he's home w/ me since school is closed, they are open Monday and he will be going even though I will be off!
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  • Yes, we do it too. It keeps DS on the schedule that he's used to, and gives us a chance to get a lot of stuff done that would be more difficult to do with DS. I never feel guilty about it.
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  • I think alo of peole do this.  I am working this week, but I was off last Thursday, but I still took DD to daycare.  I looked at the daycare attendance sheet this morning and saw lots of kids were in this week (and I know the parents are off), they were there shorter days, but still there.  Once you get into a groove w/ daycare I think its generally better to keep it up. 

    I pay whether DD is there or not, so why not take her?

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  • Raising hand on this one. I love the opportunity to keep DD in daycare when i have a day off. It gives me time to run errands, clean, watch a movie, or just have a nice long bath ALL to myself!
  • DH and I are both home all week but DS is at daycare the 4 days they are open. I've been getting tons of deep cleaning, organizing, and errands done. Tomorrow I have a pedicure and nap planned. My situation is a little different, as tomorrow is his last day of daycare since I'll now SAH. But we pay by the month at daycare so I'm taking advantage since DS and I will have plenty of time together from now on.
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  • Yes!  Not all week, no, but last Thursday and this Thursday, I have both days off, and put DD in daycare both days.  And I don't feel guilty at all!
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  • imagetrackchik6:
    Not relevant but our daycare is closed this week and I'm NOT off!  
    US TOO
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  • I pay whether DD is there or not. I don't get alot of time off and when I do DC is usually closed but about once every 6 months I take a me day :-) I take DD to DC then go back home and sleep or veg or go do things for me. Whats the difference in asking Grandma or somebody to watch her for a day so you can do those things? Nothing and from the sounds of it your kids are like mine and love DC.
  • My guys aren't in DC but yesterday we had the nanny come so DH and I could go car shopping.  She is here today too even though I am not working so I can get some errands done.  

    I think it's totally fine!  It sure beats getting frustrated because the kids are in the middle of everything you are trying to get done. 


    My twins are 5! My baby is 3!

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  • We have a nanny rather than daycare, but she gets paid the same weekly salary whether she comes in or not, so every other Friday when I am off (my company does a compressed work wee so if I make up the 8 hours over the course of the two week period, I can take the Friday off), the nanny comes in for the AM so I can go to the gym, run errands, get a manicure, etc.

    I think its important for all of us working moms to take some "me" time when we can squeeze it in, and I don't feel at all guilty about it, lol!

  • I dont have off but if I did for a day or so Id still send DS.  We have to pay for him whether he is there or not, so I might as well send him and get some stuff done...
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  • I'm jealous. I thought about this. Instead, I decided to stay home with DS and try to potty train him and supposedly try to write a manuscript for work.  Uh, yeah, right. 


  • Daycare was closed on Monday because of the snow and I kept him home yesterday, but he went today and will go tomorrow even though I am home.  We pay whether he's there or not so I'm taking advantage of it.  I went food shopping and cleaned a ton today and tomorrow I have some returns to do.
  • Ours is closed and DS is in public school now so no school.  There aren't even any camps offered for his age yet.  But, I used to send them when they were younger and it is much easier to get things done around here now that they're older.  When they were younger, it was so hard to get out of the house around naps and I felt like I was dragging them around on errands and keeping them up, so they went to daycare.  Now, there's a lot more to do with them and they can entertain themselves while I get things done around the house.  I'm loving having older kids lately.  =)
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  • We have totally done this and thought about doing it this week to get stuff done (both DH and I are off) - BUT - we also get 2 weeks of 'vacation' per year at DC - so by keeping them home, we saved over $500 (and they are only open 4 days anyway).  Saving that much $$, I chose to keep them home.
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