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Best welcome baby gift for 2nd child?

funny I can't think of anything even though I will be in this situation in 2 months-  but friends of ours just had their 2nd, 18 mos apart, and we are going to see them and I am at a loss what to bring.

I already brought an outfit to the hospital, they have all the baby gear, they have tons of clothes (although #1 was a boy and this one a girl- the momma is a Shopper), and I am seeing them friday so a personalized item isn't an option.

I want to spend around 40 bucks give or take-  any suggestions?


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Re: Best welcome baby gift for 2nd child?

  • For the baby: a really nice teether is a great option. It's nice for the new baby to have their own fresh toy to chew on.


    For the family: Trays of fruit/veggies/ect. from a grocery store would probably be awesome. With a new baby it's hard to cook/shop. I really appreciated the food people brought us as it made it easier for me to feed our toddler when I was home alone with the 2.  

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  • food is always nice for the family and for a friend that had a boy first I bought a boy baby doll so he can take care of his baby while mommy is taking care of hers... 

    for the baby... an outfit that fits the season for 3 or 6 months. 

  • I would have liked to receive a baby book or picture frame for DD2. I got a couple of new blankets so they each could have their own. DD2 got her own FP seahorse which I'm glad for.



  • Diapers, wipes, and food
  • Food.

    Preferably something home made and frozen so they can eat it later.

    And an offer to take their oldest on a play date with you guys would probably be well received also!

    If you specifically want something for the baby I'd go with clothes but in a MUCH larger size - even up to a year - especially if the Mom's a shopper. 

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  • Something just for the new baby:   blanket, stuff animal, piggy bank, photo album, toy, FP seahorse, keepsake box, etc.

    I alway appreciated that kind of stuff for subsequent babies, especially the  same gender.

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