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I was just wondering if anyone delivered at Harris Southwest and if so do you know if they offer b/f classes? I haven't called or anything yet but my Dr. hasn't mentioned anything about it. TIA

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  • I delivered there, but that was 8 years ago. They do have BF classes here is the link:


  • I was just there a couple weeks ago- one of my good friends had her baby there. I'm sure they have classes... I really liked the hospital- it's really nice.... Where in Ft. Worth do you live? Congrats on being pregnant!
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  • i delivered there about 10 months ago!  yes, they do offer BF classes.  you can go to their website and register i believe.  or you can cal the hospital.  i didn't take the class...i just talked with the lactation consultant immediately after dd was born and we were successful with bfing after that.  good luck!
  • Thanks for the info girls!

    KristinKay: I actually live in Granbury. It's about 30 min. SW of Fort Worth.

  • Ok- I'm familiar with that area. How's your pregnancy going so far? Are you having any morning sickness?
  • No luckily I never had any morning sickness. In the first tri I slept a lot but I have more energy these days. The baby has been good to me so far! :) I've really enjoyed being pregnant.
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