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my sweet and sad moment at daycare this morning

DD is moving to the 2s room on Monday and this morning her toddler teacher (who's been with her since she was ~6 mo) took me on a little tour of the 2s room and showed me Ellas new cubby and what room I'll do drop off in and introduced me to the new teachers etc.  Of course I got all teary and started crying and Ella kept saying "Mommy crying" and looking sad - then she started patting my back and saying Shhhhh Shhhhh - I'm sad to see her growing up, but I was so pround of how sweet and empathetic she was being trying to comfort me. 

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Re: my sweet and sad moment at daycare this morning

  • Aww, what a sweet little girl.  I'm sure I will be the same way. 
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  • So cute!  I love when babies and kids act in ways that make them seem soooo grown up.  Says great things about the parents as well ;)


  • Aww, she is so sweet!

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  • Aww, how cute.



  • awwww, Ella! I would have cried too!
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  • That is a really sweet moment.  I am sure it it made you smile a little.  But really do they have to grow SO fast?  
  • Oh what a bitter sweet moment.  I probably would have cried too!  I have noticed it doesn't take me too long to start crying now that I am a mom.
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