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Hey MN Moms-to-be!  I have been working with Health East clinics - but was recently just told to look into places like Abbot and United because they have excellent child care facilities (hopefully not, but in case baby needs some extra attention or care after she's born).  Has anyone toured any hospitals or do you have any advice on a good one in the TC area?  We live in the NE metro.
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Re: Hospital Delivery Options

  • I work for Allina, so of course, I'm partial.  We delivered at Unity (in Fridley) and had a WONDERFUL experience.  They have a level two nursery there for "kind of sick babies" as they say.  Anything more serious baby and mom are taken my helicopter to Abbott, so I would say that Abbott is the way to go if you are concerned about serious complications.

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  • North Memorial in Robbinsdale and Abbott in Minneapolis are both great for high risk deliveries.


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  • If you aren't high risk, I would probably go with St. Joe's.  They are part of HealthEast and I have heard that they are a fantastic hospital to deliver at.  I'm planning on having my next baby there (when I have another baby).  They have like a 13% c-section rate, which is just unheard of.

    If anything goes seriously wrong and your baby needs extra care, they will transfer your baby to one of the other hospitals.


  • I think Fairview Riverside is great for babies who need extra attention, they've got all the equipment and good docs (it's a training facility, but I'm pretty sure you can refuse to have students in the delivery room).
  • Our provider is the HealthEast MacGroveland clinic and we plan on delivering at St. Joe's.  They held an open house on Monday night and explained the situation there.  They have a "special care nursery" for infants who just need some extra attention.  If it is a VERY extreme situation, they transfer the baby to either Children's (right down the block) or one other place I can't remember.  We feel very confident with St. Joe's since they are the oldest hospital in the state and have been delivering babies for over 150 years.

  • I delivered both of my girls at Unity in Fridley and had absolutely no probs- BUT if there was anything serious they would have been air lifted to Abbot- so that is the way I would recommend going if you are really worried about it.  Amanda =) 
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  • I delivered my little girl at St John's in Maplewood in April 2007. I loved it there! Big rooms, decent food and a wonderful warm staff. Plus, they have a NICU there that accepts babies as little as 28wks. One of my girlfriends delivered her daughter at St John's at 31 wks and had a wonderful experience. I also loved my Dr. I used Dr Pearson from the HealthEast Vadnais clinic and she was at the actual delivery too. Good luck!
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  • I delivered DD at United and loved it. I had wonderful care and loved that they had everything there if for some reason something went wrong. If something went wrong the baby would not be moved to another hospital with me stuck at another.
  • I delivered my DD at Methodist in St Louis Park (Park Nic).  My DD was one of the unlikely one who was born with an issue (see bio for details) and had to be transferred to a NICU at 11 hours of age.  She went to Children's Hospital of Minneapolis and they are amazing.  I was released from the hospital later the same day.  The staff at Children's is amazing and took care of both my DD and I while she was there for a week.  I am delivering at Methodist again in March and will demand that, if any issues, DC be sent to Children's again.

    My sister delivered both her kids at Abbott and really liked it plus they are connected to Children's which is a nice plus but the area is not the best.

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