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Pediatric Services/Southdale Pediatrics???


I'm in the process of searching for a pediatrician for my baby due in 11 weeks.  Are any of you familiar with Pediatric Services in St. Louis Park or Southdale Pediatrics in Edina?  Can you offer me any insights, recommendations for pediatricians, etc?  I greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

Re: Pediatric Services/Southdale Pediatrics???

  • We take DS to southdale peds, but in Burnsville. We have had the opportunity to see Dr Lutz, he is usually at the Edina office but just happened to be at the Burnsville office one Saturday. We really like him, in fact we almost switched to him until we found out he mainly practiced at the Edina office! We've always been very happy with the care DS has received. We really like how the peds are consistent, all saying the same thing, all having basically the same philosophy.

    Good Luck!
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  • We use Southdale Peds in Burnsville and I have been very happy so far.  We've seen Dr. Anderson and Dr. Mitha and both have been great!  I'm not sure if those two circulate to the Edina office, but I'm happy with the practice as a whole so far. 
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  • both the drs we see through southdale peds are in eden prairie and edina.  dr. neis (pronounced nice) and dr. miller.  we like them both a lot.  i found dr. neis through the recommendation of a friend.  great dr!!  great practice.

  • I actually call on almost all of the Pediatric clinics here in the Twin Cities as a Pharma rep and I LOVE the Drs. at Southdale Peds. When I have kids I will be taking them to the Burnsville location (just cause that's where I live closest to) but as far as drs..they are all great actually. I would trust any of them. Most of the Drs. float from all three locations for the most part on different days. They have sort of wacky schedules but most have a "home" clinic they are at most often.
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