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Fairview Ridges or Southdale for Delivery?

Hi everyone, I am 11 wks along and have begun my prenatal visits at Southdale ob/gyn because we received many good recommendations from friends and its close to our home&work. They deliver at either Fairview Southdale or Ridges hospital. Recently, I have heard several horror stories about delivering at Fairview Southdale. I consistently hear that Abbott is wonderful, but this practice doesn't deliver there. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with Fairview Ridges in Burnsville? Otherwise, I think we will need to switch our doctor to one that delivers at Abbott. Thanks in advance for any insight! :)

Re: Fairview Ridges or Southdale for Delivery?

  • I delivered DS at ridges and had a great experience. I had a c-section and was there Wed-Sunday. The nurses were great. The only thing I didn't like was the small rooms. It was hard to fit all of my family in!! Good Luck!

    I also went to southdale. Alicia D. Majkrzak, MD delivered DS and I LOVE her.
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  • Thanks! I've actually been going to Dr. Majkrzak for my appts and really like her. I'd like to keep with her, so maybe I'll just switch my delivery hospital to Ridges. Thank you!
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  • That's too funny!! I LOVE her!! You're in great hands! :)
  • I had a great experience delivering at Ridges as well.  I go to Southdale OB/GYN but I go to the Ridges location.

    From what I've heard, the only thing Southdale had over Ridges was an L&D room with a tub, but I wouldn't have had time to use it and I'd never have made it to the hospital!

    Another perk to Ridges is free parking!
  • I work at Southdale and delivered at Ridges.

    I chose to deliver at Ridges because

    1. It is closer to my home,

    2. private bathrooms with shower etc

    3. I did not want all my coworkers just ?stopping by?

    4. I did not want all the people I work with seeing me.


    I LOVED the care I received at Ridges. All the nurses we AWESOME. I love that fact that you get your own bathroom and free parking is a plus.  I don?t have any family that lives in the state so the room size was not an issue for me.


    At Southdale I believe you too would receive excellent care. The draw backs are the parking, you don?t get private rooms and because OB is under construction there really is not a dedicated OB floor right now. So OB goes to 7th floor med/surg which has just been completely redone and is very nice?still no bathrooms with shower etc in your room thou.


    BTW I used Southdale OBGYN as well. Great group of doctors and because I get to work with a lot of OB?s I would not switch. I mostly seen Dr. Davenport she delivered my baby as well. But Tweedy is also very good, actually the are all good, that is why I chose the group.


    Good luck on your decision I personally would stay w/ Southdale OBGYN and deliver at Ridges.



  • FV Southdale doesn't have private rooms??? When I saw that on my list to ask due to insurance, I was happy to hear most hospitals have private rooms in maternity these days...I didn't know FV Southdale still did not.  Yikes!
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  • Oh Yeah and Southdale lost their funding for a lactation consultant?.so your on your own there, or hope you have a good nurse.

    Ridges still has their lactation consultant, Jane she is AWESOME

  • I delivered at Ridges and had a great experience.  I was mostly seeing Dr. Meschke and she was the one that delivered DS!  All of the nurses and the lactation consultant were so nice and helpful.
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