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Ridgeview hospital maternity center (waconia) question!

Do they have bathtubs in the post-partum suites? What was your experience like there?

I'm not having another baby yet, but am trying to decide if I should start seeing a new doctor over here instead of continuing to go to Woodwinds in Woodbury. I loved it there with my pregnancy. And the bathtubs in the maternity care center were AMAZING!

Re: Ridgeview hospital maternity center (waconia) question!

  • I really enjoyed my experience at Ridgeview.  I had my daughter there over a year ago.  The midwives are fantastic.  They have tubs in the Labor and Delivery Rooms, but not in the recovery rooms.  There are sitz baths offered in separate rooms. 

    They are planning a huge addition with a new birthing center.  I'm not sure when it will be completed...I'm actually not sure if they've even started yet.  When that's up and running, it's going to be amazing.  They will have Suites where you are in one room for everything.  You labor, deliver and recover all in one room.  

    I would definitely look into Ridgeview.  I felt like they were great throughout my entire pregnancy. 

  • Yeah, Chloe's doctor was telling me about the new addition at her 2-month check-up.  She is a family practice doctor, specializing in pediatrics and OBGYN, so I'm thinking about going to her with my next pregnancy (I know, I'm planning ahead) I REALLY love her, but I REALLY REALLY loved giving birth at woodwinds.  I've heard really good things about ridgeview too.  I wonder if the new maternity center will be open spring 2009 (which is when we are hoping the next baby will be born!)

    Did you have a specific midwife? Did you use western OBGYN, or a different clinic?

  • I had my son at Ridgeview last January.  It was a really great experience.  I went to Western OBGYN, and I used the midwives throughout my entire pregnancy, and really would recommend them.  Jamie Otremba delivered my son, but I saw all of them troughout my pregnancy.  The maternity floor was unusually busy, (the nurses had never seen it that way) so we were a bit cramped in our room.  They have some single rooms, and lots of double rooms.  It's very common for women to be placed in a double room alone, and then their husband is able to sleep in the second bed.  We were in a private room, which was nice, but because it was so tiny, my husband didn't have a great place to sleep.  He was on a very old, uncomfotable cot.  But, as I said, that it is so not normal for Ridgeview.  I'm not sure when the new Birthing Center will be ready.  That sounds awesome though.  All private rooms, where you labor, deliver and recover in all in the same place.  That would be the best.

    Hopefully that helps!
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