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home daycare in west cobb

I was just wondering if any one knew or used a home daycare near west cobb?


Re: home daycare in west cobb

  • Where in West Cobb? I am actually getting mine back in Feb. and she is in Marietta near the Square.
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  • We live VERY close to Marietta Square....you have used her before???? do you have rates? or other references?
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  • Yes she was my first DCP for my DD so she had her from 6wks until she was 10 months old. Then I was trying to help my sister out a little bit so my sister is watching my DD right now but we are going back to her hopefully in Feb. She is off of Powder Springs rd near the East West Conn. I have to double check to see if she is charging the same rate and if she has any other spots open and I will let you know. I am going to be talking to her tonight. I also ran a back ground check on her when we first started. (Which of course came up clean)
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  • How many childern does she usually care for at a time??

    I am due in May so......also we would only need someone 3 times a week to 2 times a week.

    Do you know how long she has been doing this?  



  • She normally only has about 3 kids mine included. She used to work at an actual day care and decided to start one out of her home a few years ago. She also has a 5 year old DD. We love her and so does DD
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  • will you let me know her rates and if she is expecting any near end of june?

     do you know of any other's?


  • She said that she will probably be down to just DD in a couple of months so she will have an opening and she charges 115 a week.

    I don't really know of any others that I can recommend. She is the only one I have ever used.

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  • can i get your email address?

    mine is [email protected]

    my husband and I both work for the Police Department

    Can we get her contact information?

    How young will she keep a baby? Can she keep ours only the days we need or would she charge for the whole week?

    Thanks so much for your help.




  • Hi. I hate to jump in but I am also needing daycare near Marietta Square. Does your lady possibly have another spot for an infant?

     My email address is [email protected] if you can email me the info.




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