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Hello I'm new to this and trying to figure it out. I just wanted to get some feed back and advice from you wives and mother's out there living the "Military" life. First of let me thank you for you support of our Military. I met my husband 4 years ago when he was voluntary active duty in the USCG. 2 years into our relationship his time was up and he didn't reinlist. He got hired with a PD in Arizona and we relocated from Cali. to AZ. 2 yrs into that he lost his job due to cut backs. So recently we moved to Oregon to be closer to family and support. We have had found it hard to start over. We lost our house in AZ and everything we had worked towards we are completely starting over. Also let me throw in there I had a child who is 8 and we tried and planned our baby who is now 15months. DH lost his PD job a month after our son was born. So have def. taken some hits. We have found it hard to start over and my hubby was happiest when in the CG so we have been talking a lot lately about him going active. I totally support his choice but I'm scared. Scared of moving to the unknown with no family or friends, He tells me that there are great support groups and everyone there will be in our situation. And I'm worried about is that the best choice for my kids. I'm torn part of me really wants them to have roots somewhere and grow up with the same kids and friends but then I also think giving them a life of traveling could give them awesome life experience. It's so hard with kids to know if you are doing the right thing???? I'm so confused and scared. Any words of wisdom? What to expect???? Thanks!

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  • Welcome! I'm so sorry to hear about your H being let go from his job. Like anything in life Military life has its pros and cons, but what doesn't. This is def. a decision that needs to be made together. You also need to express your concerns with H before anything is done. Military life is not easy. There will be times where you make not see him for months, some of the things that go on with his job that he can't dicuss, deployment, etc. On the other hand benefits are great, Your children will meet many friends, there's a lot of support offered on base for you and your children. If you're one who loves to travel it could be a good thing. Keep in mind he won' t be in the military forever so there will be plenty of time after to lay down roots and settle in. Also when you are ready to purchase a home to do so there are perks for that as well. Childcare and education is easily taken care of. You will never know 100% if its the right thing to do but in making your decision on what to do ask yourself what is out there for you if you don't? Will you be able to provide for your children and keep health ins. on them? what kind of life can you give them without the military? If you come to the conclusion that you all can keep your head above water than don't worry about it, but if you're sinking fast you make want to consider it.

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