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Just wanted to...

Thank you for welcoming me with open arms. I know it sounds so cheesy, but it really feels good to have a group of people to come to who know firsthand everything I'm feeling right now. It's also helpful to have people telling me what I actually should do, and not just say "do what you feel is right" because you know that I don't really know what that is right thanks.
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Re: Just wanted to...

  • You're very welcome.

    I've only been posting on the board for a few weeks (lurking for much longer), even though I'm 4 months into my separation. I wish I had started posting right away, like you had, because I think I could've spared myself a lot. Hindsight is 20/20, right? Smile

    These ladies are amazing!

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  • I wish I had found the board sooner too - I found it after I decided to proceed with my divorce in April (after we'd been separated for almost a year).

    One of the things I love about this board - there are women who are at different stages of the process, and it's encouraging to see some of the members who have been doing the SP thing for a while, and that they're doing just fine.  It's reassuring to see that it can be all OK eventually!

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  • You are very welcome!  I am happy you are here (not for the circumstances but glad that you found a source of support).
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