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Anyone have a child with Autism/ Problems with Social Skills?

I'm worried about my son and I could really use someone to talk to. He's 14 months old and we have some concerns if he might be Autistic.

Re: Anyone have a child with Autism/ Problems with Social Skills?

  • That's still very young....what kind of things are you seeing?
  • This is when my son was diagnosed with Autism, he was almost 14 months.

    What are the red flags?

    14 months is a young age, but not too young for a dx. Today more and more kids under 2 get diagnosed. UC-Davis/M.I.N.D. has videos of 6 and 9 months olds that they place on the spectrum.

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  • he doesn't respond to his name... doesn't point, wave or clap... he's always on the go... he doesn't talk.. he babbles but everything sounds the same. He's extremely attached to me... when he's surrounded by people he only wants me and I have to hold him the whole time. If I buy him new books to read that are unfamiliar to him he will not sit with me to read them and if I try and make him he gets super upset. There's more... but those are the main things.
  • You definitely have a good reason to look into this. You should contact ECI in your state and get an evaluation and start services asap. You should also look to get an eval with a developmental pediatrician. This can take a while, so be prepared to wait or travel.

    In the mean time, you might want to look into ABA therapy and ESDM (Early Start Denver Model). ESDM is geared towards little kids and is a good mix of ABA and Floortime principles. Look into Floortime as well - this I found to be the easiest to be done by a parent.

    This is a long journey , but kids are recovering. I found this website (TACA, Talk about Autism Now) to be very helpful. You can also ask for a mentor through this website and connect with a few other parents going through the same thing.

    Good luck, and please keep us posted on what is happening.

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