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Do you send LO to daycare when you're home sick?

If I kept DS home with me tomorrow I know I wouldn't be very entertaining since I'm sick but the only reason I hesitate sending him to daycare is because he was really sick over xmas weekend with a high fever and now his fever is gone but he's still got a cold and not feeling 100%.  I know I want to be home when I'm not feeling great, but I just think he would have more fun at daycare even if he sleeps most of the day, which my DCP told me he did on Monday.  WWYD?

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Re: Do you send LO to daycare when you're home sick?

  • It depends on what I am sick with...if I have a migraine he goes without question or if I just feel too bad but otherwise I usually keep him home since daycare isn't super close to home.
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  • i have a job where i do a a lot of 24 hour shifts and i always have ds go to daycare on my post-call days when i need to sleep.  not entirely the same situation, but on those days i usually need to just have my time to recover from call and not have to worry about watching ds as well..
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  • I had bronchitis last week and he went both days.  There was no way that I could of entertained him with the fever that I was running.  If he was sick I may think twice about sending him. but for me I knew that there was no way I could keep him occupied or take him with me to urgent care so being able to send him to daycare was a blessing.  Feel better!
  • I really hate calling in sick to work so if I'm sick enough to do it, then I need to rest and get better. I can't do that with DD home so she goes to daycare. I do take her in later and pick her up early but she absolutely goes.

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  • I'd probably send him.  They will call if you need to get him and you're better off trying to recoup your strength so what you have doesn't get worse.  Trust me.  I did the opposite and ended up on antibiotics.

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  • Ok thanks I was feeling a little guilty but I know he would be happier at daycare than cooped up inside with me!
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  • If I'm sick enough to stay home then yes unless they are sick too the boys are going to daycare. I need rest (which won't happen with them home) so I can get well ASAP and return to being a healthy mom.
  • she normally goes.
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  • Yes, if I'm sick enough to stay home, I'm too sick to care for my kiddo. Daycare for sure!
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  • I'd send him also! (Am I late on this?). But this is from someone who is sending her kids this week while we're off (after being away with them at my mom's for 11 days & we're not sick), so we can get some things done and also have some couple time for once, like going to a movie, nice lunch out and hanging in... 

  • I would keep DD home.  DC is far from home plus I wouldn't feel like going through the hassle of getting her ready and preparing her food/drinks/etc for daycare.
  • I had DS stay home with me once when I was sick because I had left my pump at work and didn't want to be engorged all day. Other than that I would have sent him DC. It's not very fun caring for a child when you're sick.

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  • If I could send her to DC when I'm sick (assuming I'm really sick) I absolutely would... unfortunately DC is completely out of the way for DH and 30 minutes away from the house so she's been home with me when I've been sick. Not fun. For either of us.
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  • I have not been sick yet (thankfully) but I would totally send DD to DC if I was staying home sick. I'd want to rest up and get better.

    Heck, H and I are both off work tomorrow and we are sending DD to DC for the morning just so we can take down the Christmas tree in peace!

    With your LO just getting over something I'd maybe play it by ear. See how he is feeling in the morning. I wouldn't send LO to DC if they were sick.

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  • Generally I don't stay home unless I'm really, really sick so I'm not up for watching a baby either so I send him to daycare.


  • If Im sick enough to stay home I send lo to daycare.
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    Yes, if I'm sick enough to stay home, I'm too sick to care for my kiddo. Daycare for sure!
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  • I would send him. He'll have more fun at DC than being home with you while you are sick. It will also let you get better.

    He's not going to get any sicker by goign to DC than he would if he stayed home wiht you. He'll just be more miserable at home with nothing to do and you being worn out.

  • Guilty as charged. 
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  • daycare is 2 min from our home, so yes he goes when I am sick
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