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Advice needed

Hi Ladies!

DH and I currently live and work in NYC, but we are thinking of moving to Jersey. Can you recommend a neighborhood that is family-friendly and a 30-45 minute commute to NYC by train?

Re: Advice needed

  • if you haven't already- post on the N. NJ board - this board doesn't get much action at all.

    I live in a great town, but it's 1 hour from midtown... Morris Plains - in Morris County.  VERY family friendly, safe, good schools, and on the train line.

    Obviously- the closer you are to the city the more you will pay.  Assuming you are going to buy- taxes will also factor in- and can vary a lot between towns/counties.

    DH is a NY'er and loves where we live now. He never thought he'd live in NJ- but then he met me :) haha.

    good luck!

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