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do you have a housekeeper/maid?

we're going to have a maid come by and do a cleaning for us. if i really love it (and i think i will) we're going to try to fit this into our current budget and have her come every 2 weeks.

my question is: what do you normally have your housekeeper clean that you really love? i know the standard stuff: vacuuming, dusting, etc. but i was wondering what is your favorite thing that they do that you hate doing and appreciate others taking care of for you the most?

i think she would be open to doing pretty much anything, so i'm open to suggestions. thanks in advance!

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Re: do you have a housekeeper/maid?

  • We have molly maids come once every two weeks.  It is a total life saver!!!  They said they'd do anything specific I wanted, so I asked them to also change the sheets and take out the trash b/c I really hate doing those things.  
  • taking out the trash and changing the diaper champ.  That right there is awesome. Also cleaning the inside of the microwave. They will change sheets if I leave them out for them to do so but honestly, I always end up doing sheets on the weekends so they never get the chance.  Oh and cleaning the bathroom is awesome.  I've had other maids who also wiped down the interior of the fridge.  These don't but I'm sure would if I asked.  I just always end up doing so myself often enough that it doesn't need to be done.

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  • Bathroom, kitchen floor and changing sheets. Total life saver for those 3 that I can easily neglect.
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  • we have a woman who i call from time to time. she's great, but by the time i get the house prepped for her, i realize i could have done it myself. i work pt, so i can't really justify the every 2 weeks that we did when i worked ft...i just feel like if i have the time i should do it! but, what it has done is made my husband and me incredibly efficient...we clean as we go now. concentrate on one room a day. never let things get out of hand, etc...we do use her before or, better yet, after birthday parties, holidays, etc. totally worth having someone available! there's nothing, and i mean nothing, like coming home to a clean's like having your own personal fairy!
  • We just had our first cleaning on Sunday.  It took 2 women 6 hours to clean our house.  I was shocked, they cleaned things I would never think to clean.  The house was immaculate, despite the holiday clutter. 

    My favorite thing is the way the house smells, it just smells clean. 

    They cleaned everything, wiped all of the blinds.  They even found a pacifier we lost 3 months ago.  

    I rationalize spending the money because if I had to clean, that would be less time I can spend with LO.  

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  • We have two ladies come every two weeks.  I, too, love the way the house smells clean and fresh.  I specifically love that they clean all three of our bathrooms - not my thing.  I also love that they move the furniture and find things we didn't even know we lost!  I can sweep every night of the week, but a freshly mopped kitchen floor is great. They've been coming for over three years and I have them do miscellaneous things on occasion - wipe down trimwork/baseboards, dust ceiling fan blades, etc.

  • My favorite thing is having the entire house cleaned at once.  I never have time to do the entire house (usually do a room per day like PP) so to come home to a completely spotless house is wonderful. 
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  • We have our neighbor do ours every other week. It's been phenominal. Not always quite what I think may get done but she does things that I don't think of so it balances in my mind.  But the price is about perfect for us and her. She is felxible to our schedules (and we are to hers). I love 'Sue days'.

    In fact my SIL yelled at me for cleaning my house before a visit one time and I just smiled and said 'you think I fold the toilet paper in perfect triangles? Please, it was a Sue day'.

     Floors and bathrooms are my biggest challenge so I love having that done. Plus knowing she'll be coming forces us to find surfaces!

  • We have a cleaning service come every 2 weeks.  My most favorite thing that they do i clean the floors, and dust everything (shelves, picture, etc.)  It really is a a lifesaver, I couldn't imagine working 40 + hours per week, and then having to clean on top of everything.  We started the service about a month before LO arrived. 
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