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Your favorite Christmas present???

Mine was 2 coffee mugs from my boys that say "Mommy Needs Coffee" and "Give Mommy Some Sugar" on them. I am in love with them.

Re: Your favorite Christmas present???

  • My mum sent presents from Australia - a hand-knitted outfit (hat, jacket, pants) and a quilted jacket for Paloma, and a roll-up sewing 'basket' for me (she even embroidered my initials on the inside of the flap). I cried when I saw it because I knew how much effort she had put into it! (and how useful it will be!)
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  • With one must assume was a large amount of help from Daddy, the girls got me a beautiful silver necklace inset with each of their birthstones.  Major 'awwww' moment.

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  • I got some really cute earrings. They are just from WHBM but they are adorable. My Mom made me basket of British food. That rocked too!
  • A GC for a fingerprint necklace from Tina Steinberg (two medallions with each of the kids' fingerprints).  I'm so excited to have it done.

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  • DH got me a printer. We've been in need of one & he got me a wireless one. I can print photo's w/ it as well. I was very excited to get that. 
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  • Gift certificate to a 5 star hotel in downtown Boston. In our 15 years together, DH and I have never stayed in a nice hotel. Even our honeymoon was on a budget (read Super 8). I can't wait to have a plush robe on, gourmet room service and Egyptian cotton linens. Something I never would have done for myself. That is my kind of gift!
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    met DH 1995 ~ married DH 2006 ~ completed our family 2008
    Life is good!
  • A Cuisenart food processor from my parents.  I love to cook and my mini processor just wasn't cutting it!
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  • Family passes for the year to the zoo AND the aquarium! Can't wait to take DS!

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  • DH and DS got me a Nook Color. MIL and FIL got me a Keurig. I love both. Unfortunately we were traveling for holidays and then I got back and have been so busy at work/home that I haven't gotten to use either one!
  • remote car starter. love.
  • I'd have to go with what my nanny did for us-giftcard to restaurant and movies, along with a free night of babysitting.    We often don't get out, so this is great.  And my other favorite was from my kids' preschool teacher-ornaments with their school picture-it was supposed to be from kids, but I know they did not do the work! ;)
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