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Moms of 2+- bedtime routine?

Tell me about your bedtime routine?  I want details.  At what age did you start including #2?  I was really good about setting up a bedtime routine for Gavin from Day 1 and it has paid off over the years.  But I am struggling with figuring out how to incorporate Sophie into his routine b/c her schedule is still all over the place.  Some nights she is already asleep by the time we start his bedtime, other nights she is wide awake.  I know now is the time to get this going so any tips you've got for accomplishing this with 2 would be appreciated!






Re: Moms of 2+- bedtime routine?

  • We didnt have any sort of routine until our youngest actually HAD a bedtime.  I think you could include her in the same routine, but it's not going to be anything solid until she has an established time.  It's probably a tad early to stress about this right now.  I think you're doing great if you're managing to keep Gavin on his bedtime right now!
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  • prob around 2.5-3 months we started doing cooper's bedtime between 8-8:30...same as Jax.  DH is here to help about 99% of the time, so one of us gives Jax his bath, one gives cooper his.  Then DH puts Jax down, and I feed Cooper and put him down.  He doesn't ALWAYS go to  sleep right away...that is about 50/50.  So we just hold him until he's ready.  We don't do anything that would excite him, etc.
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  • I never really incorporated Ally into Johns bedtime routine.  When Ally was a newborn, I'd put them individually in bed when they were ready.  If Ally was ready first I told john to play quietly in his room.  If he was ready first I would put her in the bounce seat or playmat while I read him some books and tucked him in.   She BF for 11months so that was basically her routine until then.  Now they go to bed at about the same time.  They brush their teeth, get a bath and in jammies together.  If john wants to read with ally, we all cuddle together and read.  Most nights he just wants to go to his room and be tucked in.  

    I hope that helps. I  found that the second time around that schedules were always changing & baby #2 was very flexible.  it helped to just go with the flow & attend to whoever needed my attention the most (carlson family triage,ha)

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  • we kept finn on his schedule, always, never changed that one bit.  we did the baby according to the babys "schedule".  since baby took baths in that mini-tub thing and Finn was in the big boy bathtub, we might have done them at the same time but not always depending on babys schedule.  but the "schedule" has always been dinner, bath and stories/bedtime.  baby didn't probably get on a schedule until he was 3-4 months old but if he was awake at dinner we'd have him sit with us and we'd bathe him when Finn was in the tub etc.  its hard for me to remember when we started putting them in the bath together, maybe 5 months, I know I've got pictures of Riley laying on the incline thing in the tub with Finn so it was before he was sitting up.  They used to both go to bed at 7 but now Finn stays up a little later.  and since I used to nurse Riley before bed, they've never really done stories together, except when Todd is traveling and I'm on my own.  but we dinner and bathe together, then Riley gets just a couple of stories and right to bed whereas Finn helps clean up the toys and gets an assload of stories.  I'm rambling. 

  • We kept Abby's bedtime routine, book, lullaby etc. and we all did this as a family.  When Sophia was that young sometimes she was asleep in my arms, sometimes she was nursing, or sometimes awake.  But then when she established a "bedtime" I do Sophia and Steve puts Abby to bed. Now, they are in bed at the same time, just I put Sophia down and Steve puts Abby to bed.  But, honestly...Sophia had no set "pattern" to her sleep until about a month ago so....I am a flexible, go with the flow kinda Mom in that respect and knew we would get to the routine/good sleeping habits when she was ready. I was a sleep deprived a bit longer with Sophia than with Abby. lol :)
  • I think we started trying to get Seth on the same routine when he was about a month and he was committed to the 7:30 bedtime at about 6 wks.  Our routine was to bathe Seth then pull him out and Mason would get in the tub while I dressed Seth.  Then I would wash Mason and get him out and dressed.  After baths, one of us would play with Mason and the other would feed Seth, read him a story and put him to bed.  If there was only one of us, we would let Mason watch 10 minutes of tv while we fed Seth.  Then read Seth's story to both of them and put him to bed, read Mason his two and put him to bed.  Once Seth got that bedtime was at 7:30, he would go right down and would not make a peep, but if he was struggling, we would just take turns being the one responsible for comfoting him and helping him fall asleep.  Again, if it was just one of us, then it became a matter of doing what you have to do:)

    I do remember that the bedtime routine went from 20 minutes to an hour or longer, which sucked.  Now we are back to about 20 - 30 minutes, but it wasn't until after he dropped that bedtime feed.

    Good luck.  

  • Since L came home, he's been part of the bedtime we do for E. He used to tubby in the sink while she was in the tub. Now they tubby together. Then we Jammie up in E's room. DH reads to E while I nurse L in E's rocker. L falls sleep around 7:30 and I move him to his crib then come back and read a story. Now that E has her big girl bed we all climb in together and lie down to read. I imagine we'll always do bedtime together together and they can take turns choosing a story.
  • It hasn't even occured to me to get them on the same schedule.  I kept Caroline on her schedule and I try to put her to bed so she has that one on one time with one of us.  I think she needs that.  Also, Taylor usually has another bottle after C goes to bed so he isn't down for the night until after 9.  I think when they are older then a duo-routine will make sense, but it doesn't really work for us right now.
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  • You know, we don't really have them do their bedtime together although I know when Noah gets a little older, I'd like to do it that way.  Noah was definitely older than Sophie was before I got him on a schedule.  I want to say he was around 3 months, maybe 4?  What we've basically always done is one of us takes care of B and the other takes care of N. The way the schedule is for right now, on bath nights, Noah gets his bath first and then I get him dressed and read him his books.  While I'm drying Noah off and doing his bedtime routine, DH is giving Benjamin a bath and doing his stuff with him.  For the past few months, Benjamin has been wanting me to read him his books so we've timed it so I'm done with Noah and can go finish up with Benjamin.  On non-bath nights, we do the same thing and we start Noah's bedtime a little earlier than Benjamin. I've only bathed them together once - when Noah was about 10 months old - and haven't done it again because Noah HATED it.  I'm going to try again soon now that he's older.  Right now, I'm liking the one-on-one time with Benjamin as far as reading his books to him.  DH is in there and is on the bed with us and I think B really enjoys having both of us there and having it be all about him.  Like I said, once Noah is a bit older, I'll probably have them both in the same bed while I read books to them but I'm still waiting for that.
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