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Evening Primrose Oil to help a scarred cervix?

I was reading an article online from a doula about her experiences from VBAC with the knowledge that a scarred cervix can be massaged to dilate. Also in this article she mentioned taking evening primrose oil can aid the cervix in breaking up the scar tissue.


This is why my OB told me my subsequent deliveries would be c-sections. She did not want to even discuss massaging the cervix to break up the scar tissue.

Has anyone had good results from taking this orally and vaginally to aid the cervix is breaking up the scar tissue? I do realize the time to insert the pill vaginally doesn't start till 36 weeks.

If I can learn more about new procedures to be my best advocate for a VBAC I want to do it. I really don't want a forced c-section because my OB, while knowledgeable, becomes hasty for her own reasons.

Re: Evening Primrose Oil to help a scarred cervix?

  • My midwife that oversaw my VBAC wouldn't let me take EPO because there is some preliminary data that suggests it weakens the CS scar and may have a higher rate of rupture.  I had a successful VBAC without it and my midwife was awesome.  As a result, I believe everything she tells me:-)
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