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I was asleep with a dead cell phone when I got these texts: i am headed to the hospital. i woke up becaause my water broke, and it was bloody. i am dilated to 6, and got an epi. i did it about an hour ago because we werent sure how delivery would go since the nurse was thinking the blood was from an active placental abruption. so far so good though - last time they changed my bed i had almost all clear amniotic fluid since my water actually broke.

and this was the last one At about 7 am

the nurse just checked me, and im dilated to 9.5 - she said she could stretch me to complete but that we should be pushing before sunrise.

HERE COMES KARI!!!! yyyyyaaaayyy!!! Send those Ts, Ps and vibes that everything goes smoothly!

I'll update as soon as I have more info!

ok, ladies!!! We have a new nestie niece!! Princess Kari Elizabeth was born this morning at 7:30am weighing in at 7 lbs, 14 oz!! aaaand, as soon as i can get to a comp, I'll update with a pic - since it'll come out huge on my phone.


  • Yay! Speedy delivery vibes!!! I can't wait to meet you Kari!
  • ::Tons of Labor and Safe Delivery Vibes:: for her!!

     ETA: Woohoo!! Congratulations mommy and daddy! And Welcome to the world Kari!!

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  • Yay! Reading all that in one post makes labor seem quick & easy- ha!!!
  • Yay!  I can't wait to *meet* her!

    Side note, I guess Tara and Josh will get an unexpected tax bonus for 2010.  Big Smile

    ETA: Congrats Tara & Josh!  Welcome to the world Kari!

  • Happy Birthday, Kari Elizabeth!  Congrats to the new mommy & daddy!
  • Woohoo! Congrats Tara!
  • Congratulations Tara & Josh!! Welcome to the world baby Kari!! Smile
  • Welcome little Kari. Congratulations Tara!!! That seems like a very fast labor.
  • Woohoo!  Happy Birthday Kari and Congrats to Mom & Dad!
  • Hooray!!  Congrats Tara and Josh!  Happy birthday, Kari!
  • Congratulations Josh and Tara!! Welcome to the world baby Kari!!
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  • Congrats mom and dad!!  And welcome to the world Kari!!!
  • Yay!  Welcome to the world baby Kari!  Congrats to the new family!  Can't wait to see a picture of our newest nestie niece! 
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  • yay! that's great news - happy bday to Kari and congrats to her little family! :)
  • Congratulations mom & dad!
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  • Congrats!!! Welcome to the world and happy birthday Kari!
  • Congratulations mom and dad and happy birthday Kari!!

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  • Congratulations to Tara and Josh!  Happy Birthday Kari!
  • Yay Tara!

    Congrats on baby Kari!!!

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  • Congrats to the new mom & dad! Happy Birthday Kari!
  • Whoa!  That was fast!  Congrats to Tara and Josh...welcome to the world, Kari! 
  • Yay!! Congrats Tara and welcome Kari!
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  • Happy birthday Kari!!! We love you!!! Congrats Tara!!!

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  • Congrats Tara and Josh!!!!! Welcome to the world baby Kari!!!!!!!!
  • Aw, congrats mommy & daddy!
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  • congratulations Tara!
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  • congrats mommy & daddy!!  Happy birthday Kari!
  • Congrats to the new parents!  cannot wait to see a pic!
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  • Yay! Congrats Tara and Josh. Welcome Kari, the 28th is a great day to be born! (we are now birthday twins ;) ).
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