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Question: Violation of Parenting Plan

So what happens if you have one parent who believes she doesn't need to follow the parenting plan because she has the kids more.

This continues to happen and when we address issues, she blows up and spits out insults to my DH about what a horrible father he is.

She is very contradictive about what happens on her time and what is allowed for my DH.

Example:  She won't let anyone but my DH to pick up the kids but she wants him to drop them off at her mom's or with her new husband but won't let me pick them up or drop them off to me if he is out running an errand.

Also, recently...she went out of town for a day and didn't tell my DH.  It states in their custody that first right of refusal if more than 5 hours unless sleeping over at a grandparent.   Well kids stayed at her moms but did not sleepover.  Direct violation.

We are debating about if there is anything we can do.  Make it more wordy so she follows the rules.  She twists it to her benefit and to screw my DH.

Re: Question: Violation of Parenting Plan

  • If she makes your life that miserable, take her to court and clearly specify the rules more if needed, and make sure you and any other responsible adults/family you need to help pick up and drop off, are listed as well.
  • You could become as rigid as she is.  Insist on only dropping the kids off to her, and refuse to bring them to her mom or her husband.  I don't see how she can stop you from doing the drop off because then she is deciding to not take her kids back.  For pickup it is easier for her to be a b!tch.
  • I'd write a letter certified mail addressing that agreement states xyz and to refrain from doing abc in the future. Keep sending letters until you can show she is being uncooperative and unwilling to abide by the CO.

    Then consider court.

    Also do not agree to do other than what the agreement states.

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