Well...not this time...

I posted about 2 weeks ago, that we were being considered by a BM for the first time.  Unfortunately, BM ended up in jail and decided to go with an out-of-state agency instead.  It's been quite the emotional rollercoaster...but I guess we are at the point to see that this time, it was just not meant to be.

Luckily, we are leaving for vacation on Sunday, which we nearly I'm glad that we have that to look forward to at this point!

Hopefully another opportunity will come along soon!

Re: Well...not this time...

  • I'm sorry for the hurt you are going through right now.  I know it's tough not to get your hopes up when you know you are being considered.  Just know that you will be shown again, and your match will come along.  In the meantime, enjoy this vacation, as it is likely the last childless one you will take!

    Where are you going?

  • We're going to Vegas:)  We are also making a day trip to the Grand Canyon, so it should be a fun time and a good distraction from the continual waiting.
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  • So sorry, that is disappointing. Have fun on your vacation and try not to think of it. If you want restaurant recommendations, Try Olives for lunch in the Bellagio and for a NICE steak dinner (hope you're not a vegetarian) go to Del Friscos...I think it's on Flamingo and it is amazing. Pricy, but my DH and I are foodies, so we usually spend less on gambling and more on fine dining.  if you want to go ALL OUT - try Bouchon in the Venetian. One of my best. meals. ever. and the service is amazing.

    HAVE FUN!!
  • Not to jack the post, but Kristen, did you really like Bouchon?  I thought it was okay for a high-end restaurant, but not the best.

    If you ever get the chance, you MUST eat at Babbo's in NYC.  Take it from a fellow foodie.  I've literally eaten my two best meals ever there.

  • I am sorry... (hugs)  your little one will come along when the timing is right....  I know that's hard to hear, but enjoy your vacation.
  • I'm sorry. I hope you have a nice vacation and it helps soothe the hurt a little. :( Fingers crossed for a sticky referral soon.
  • I am sorry that you are having to go through this!  (((hugs)))  I hope you have an AWESOME time on your vacation!
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