One day to go to Home Visit #1

So I FINALLY got my husband off his arse this weekend, and it was SOOOO worth it!! We have his office now 1/2 a nursery with a full crib and changing table on one side and his computer and desk on the other. My mom is helping me hang curtains tonight, and first home visit is tomorrow at 5 pm PDT.

The bedding looks so awesome, and for added wonderfulness, DD slept last night from 7:30 pm to 5:45 am...amazing. I cant decide if it was because she was in a real crib at last or if it is because I gave her her first taste of rice cereal last night...

Anyway, very excited and hoping that DH's paperwork will be done tomorrow as well. Looking forward to a good report tomorrow!

Re: One day to go to Home Visit #1

  • Fantastic!  It's sounds like you are basically ready to go, and your daughter is being a perfect angel.  How sweet!

    I'd love to see pictures of the nursery.
  • How great!  I would love to see the nursery too :)
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  • I will take pics tomorrow and try to post...I am so bad about downloading what is on the digital camera. It is kinda funny because DH painted his office the darkest dark blue, and half of the room is a computer desk, 2 book shelves and a window seat stacked with files. The other half is a crib, a changing table and curtains - in pink, green and white - with red and black lady bugs on it. So the curtains are red (didnt want to get pink and totally shame DH) but there is a valance at the top with the lady bug/dragon fly theme.  Very bipersonality there!!

    So, 24 hrs from now it will be over, but my tummy is turning and I dont think I can sleep...
  • You'll do fine!  Didn't you have to go through this once already when she was placed with you?  This shouldn't be much different, then.

    But still, I think most of us here know those butterflies.  They are the same ones I felt so silly about minutes after meeting our SW.

    Just try to take deep breaths today, and keep your mind on other "busy" things.  Resign yourself to the fact that whatever state your house is currently in, is how it will be for the visit, and that's okay.  Maybe see if you can get a little break outside or at your local park to just chill out.  It will help the day go by faster, and help you not be so stressed until your meeting.

    Good luck!  (Not that you'll need it ;-))

  • Thanks...I have to work until 4, so that actually helps. We did have a home visit for the placement, but it was very brief, and at that point we had NO IDEA we would be adopting - it was just for emergency "temporary" foster care. It was literally 48 hours after I got a call from the mother saying they had taken her baby because DD was born positive to drugs. I DIDNT HAVE TIME TO BE NERVOUS!! and I didnt think I would be keeping this baby...I AM SO HAPPY WE ARE!!!

    Thanks everyone...I will report back tonight when the worker is gone.
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