I survived the first homestudy visit...

Our social worker was very much into reading the questions from the list, which made it a little bit like the worse job interview ever, rather then a conversation about me/us. I wish I could have seen the questions beforehand because I think some require a little thought to answer well.  The social worker asked how I was punished when i was a kid and I had to make something up because I couldn't remember EVER being punished (I was that much of a goody-goody)!  My parents even had to scratch their heads because they couldn't remember having to punish any of us really. 
Dh meets with her Thursday, then we both meet next week and that's done!  She will have the draft of the study done 4-6 weeks after the first visit, which is right around when we take the adoption class. 
She did look at the whole house, so I'm glad I cleaned, but she is going to have to do it again because she forgot her list, which means crazy cleaning mode will kick in again!

Re: I survived the first homestudy visit...

  • Whooo hoooo for that being over with.  It is soooo nerve wracking.  The nice thing is the next time you meet you will be a little bit more relaxed and kinda know what to expect.  As for the crazy cleaning I have been there.  Just know its the best cleaning you will ever do!!!  Adoption is such an amazing journey!

  • Congratulations on making through the first visit. :) 

    That must be such a sense of relief.  What other kinds of questions did she ask? 

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  • Fantastic, grad.

    I thought our first visit was like a job interview, but I thought it was the easiest interview ever.  All the questions were about our life and relationships...and since I'm pretty much an open book, that's stuff I feel completely at ease discussing.

    I do have to say, though, that I also thought some of the toughest questions were about my childhood.  It's hard to explain things like how my father is, at the same time, the reason I am so independent, self-assured, and believe I can do anything I put my mind to and a traditional Egyptian immigrant who, on some level has a double standard for men and women.

    Still, it sounds like your first visit was the most in-depth, and that you are passed the ?hard? part now.  All the best to you as you sail through the rest of the homestudy!

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