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considering doing an insemination *** Edited - please advise

This was supposed to just be a testing month, but then I couldn't go in for the tests because of court.  I haven't charted, cbefm'd, gone to acupuncture (she is away) or anything.  

But today I read a post and then counted the days ... and peed.  Hello LH surge. The midwives would think nothing of me scheduling for tomorrow and part of me wants to.  I would be one month closer to starting ivf, and since I didn't do the acupuncture, it would be my cheapest cycle ever.

I will talk to my wife tonight, but any thoughts? 


appointment too early?

I wasn't sure how A would respond because we had planned this cycle to be a break, but she agreed that we should go for it.   

I had figured I could get a late-day appointment, but the only appointment they have is 1:00.  I detected the surge at 4:00PM yesterday but have no idea when the surge started so I am not sure whether I should do it.  It *may* be too early but since I don't know when the surge started, I am really stuck.  I need to call back and let them know but I really don't know what to do.   

Re: considering doing an insemination *** Edited - please advise

  • Go for it!  How many times have we heard, "The one time I thought there was no chance, everything went wrong, blah, blah, it worked!"  What's there to lose (other than a little $)?
  • Sounds like you are having a gut instinct that says "Go for it!" I would follow my gut!
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  • do it, do it, do it!!!!! 
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  • I think sometimes because we get to plan our conception attempts in so much detail we forget that most of the world gets pregnant without temping, charting, poas, etc.  If you feel like ovulation is happening than I say go for it.

  • Go for it... the month we got pregnant was the month I was sure we were out because of poor timing. You just never know!

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  • You detected your surge at 4pm yesterday and you have an appointment at 1pm today?  That sounds perfect to me!!  We typically go in for 1 IUI the day of the surge and another about 24 hours later.  (but hell, it hasn't worked yet for us so maybe I have no idea what I am talking about ;) 

    I love IUI days!! So exciting!  

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  • Good luck today! The timing sounds great to me!
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