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Tricare ?

Does anyone know how far back Tricare goes? SO doesnt have it yet, but is signing up for DD . Im just wondering how far back it will go if DD goes to the doctor....

Re: Tricare ?

  • Could you clairfy a bit? Is your SO enlisting? Is he already enlisted?
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  • I don't understand your question at all. Is your SO active duty, reserve, or national guard?

    Tricare will not pay for any visits/care that occur prior to signing up for coverage. When you do sign up for coverage, it is not immediate either. 

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  • SO is national guard, I didnt realize any of that made a difference, sorry! im a bit new to this....  so even if he is signed up, the coverage wont be immediate, it wont go back either?
  • Diddo the PP. Read around on the Tricare website, most of the information you need to know is on there. You can also call their 800 number if you have additional questions.
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