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Moms with kids with nut allergys

 I am a Knottie, just looking for some info.

I do not have kids... yet, I am doing research for my brother. His 4 year old just got results that she is on the highest level of having an allergy to nuts.  I was just wondering if know of any resources, restruants, anything that serves safe food for kids, I know about Bella's Bakery in Millburn, I just want to help him and sil get as much information as possible,

I was hoping to be helpful and see if  I could come up with an info sheet for them and keep it here so when my fiance and I take care of his kids.



Re: Moms with kids with nut allergys

  • Bella's is great!

    My son has tree nut allergies and what I've found is that asking is your best tool.  Plus, educating your child is too!  My son was diagnosed about 2 years ago at age 4 and we have taught him that he needs to ask anyone who offers him food what is in it.  He knows that he is allergic to tree nuts and he makes sure that people know it too.

    I found that asking restaurants what was in their food and how/where it was prepared is helpful.  I also found Google to be a HUGE help!  Tons of sites about what restaurants have what and cook with what.  Reading labels will become part of daily life.  You learn to recognize what will be dangerous and what won't.  Benadryl will also become your brother's best friend!  I have always erred on the side of giving rather than not giving.  Meaning, if I thought my son ate something potentially dangerous, he got Benadryl.  Being cautious and pro-active is the best way to be!

    I know it's not very specific, but I hope this helps a bit!

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  • I'm in your boat, aunt to a severe nut allergy and I have done lots of caring for her so first off, don't stress.

     I don't know of any nut free restaurants, but when my sister takes her daughter out, she asks about what type of oil they use and to just let the kitchen know there is a nut allergy.  We make sure we avoid nuts in what we are eating too, just to avoid any cross contamination around the table. 

     As for food purchases, I read labels on everything.  Because allergies are becoming more prevelant, many companies will play it safe by mentioning that they produce on equiptment that also processes nuts.  It's ok for us to bring that into the house, we just usually label it clearly so my niece knows to stay away.  Also, for me I love Peanut butter and it's often a quick snack, but if I know I'm going to see them, I don't eat it that day.  

     For the most part, it takes a little bit of diligence, but once you get used to reading labels and asking questions, it become second nature.  Good luck! 

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