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and can I just say...

I am so glad you ladies are dating too. Sometimes I feel horrible for dating... Like, I'm neglecting DS or that I should just be focusing on school. But it's hard when I'm developing a crush on someone and DS is with his dad for the night!

Re: and can I just say...

  • Haha, well I wouldn't be too liberal with the word "dating".  I've been asked out a few times but have only been on one date since I split with my BF in August.
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  • i just started dating someone (been separated from SD for 2 years now) and we only see each other once a week or so, but I feel like a normal human being again!
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  • Don't feel guilty! Whether it is going out on a date or out with friends everyone needs that fun time out! It helps keep from getting burned out.
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  • Don't feel guilty!   It is good to do something for yourself, too!

    I have almost been with my boyfriend for a year now. 

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