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Do any of you have kids?

So, I came over here today because I have learned I am going through my second m/c.  After reading some posts (the ones about the 2/3rd trimester losses have left me with puffy eyes) but I am wondering if any of you have kids?  I feel guilty (even before coming here) that I am crying over a loss when I have a healthy child laying right beside me (he's not very healthy at the moment because he's been vomiting but...).  I just wondered if my siggy pic would cause any hard feelings, etc. 


Re: Do any of you have kids?

  • none here, but personally if i already had a child i think it wouldnt be as hard on me to have a m/c--not saying that it still wouldnt totally suck azz, but at least i would have something there to hold onto...

    im sorry about your loss and your baby is super cute!! dont feel guilty about being sad-its still a loss-its still another child that was yours. you have every right to be upset. :)

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  • No hard feelings.  Many people (like me) find hope that people who have miscarriages can still have healthy babies.  Your son is very cute, btw.

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  • Just wanted to say that I'm so sorry for your loss.  I don't have kids yet. I don't think your siggy should cause hard feelings.
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  • I have a child, and I found my grief to be different I think than if I didn't have one.  I think about my daughter's personality and her quirks, and that there is a child that will never be born that could have been like her, looked like her, etc..  So that's hard. 
  • I am SO sorry for your loss. I just had my 2nd m/c (D&C was yesterday....) and we also have an almost 1 year old. My first m/c was at 5 weeks before I had DS. Then I had DS (with the help of fertility treatments....). We miraculously got PG on our own when DS was 9 mos. old. We were ecstatic. My betas were great and we had 3 perfect u/s. We went in for our NT Scan last week and the baby had died at 10.5 weeks :( We were shocked (no signs of a m/c....) and heartbroken. I do think its a bit easier b/c I have DS and I need to move on and be here for him, but I am still really having a difficult time with this. I know what you mean about feeling bad for posting, but we still have the right to grieve and although we already have a child it doesn't make it any better nor does it help that we have had multiple m/c's. I have found this board to be so supportive and helpful..... Again, I'm sorry for your loss.....
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  • ok the nest ate some words.


    Thanks for all the responses. 

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