Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss


I seem to be keeping up on you via TTCAL!  I saw that this past week was your EDD?  How are you doing??  I hope alright!
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  • LOL, slightly more traffic there. No worries, I'm not TTC yet. I bounce back and forth between the two boards.

    My EDD is Thursday actually, Sept. 25. I'm doing really crappy so far. I figured I would have a rough day, maybe two. Turns out the whole week has sucked so far. I cried on and off all day Sunday and starting from last night on, I am now more angry than I ever have been. Which I really hate feeling this way. I just don't understand why this happens, to any of us.

    But enough of the pity party for the moment. Thank you for asking about me. How are you? I saw that you posted about your mom...I'm so sorry. I hope they are able to treat it and that she is doing well.
  • Oh, I am sorry....this must be so hard, I honestly can't even imagine half of the emotions you must be going through.  How is your husband handling everything?  Are the two of you doing anything together this week?  It is not fair and there seems to be no good reason why this would happen to any of us (even though I try to give myself 10 reasons a day.  I will be thinking of you.
    Thank you for your well wishes on my mom.  She actually got in early to see the cancer specialist yesterday (due to a cancellation) and they said that they caught it just as it was beginning so that was good news.  She meets with the surgeon tomorrow to discuss the next action.  She is so young -- only 52 and we have no breast cancer in our family so it was quite a shock.  She lives in AK so I need time to fly to be with her, it has been hard to not be there as I am her only daughter.

    Hang in there -- try to think of all of the things that you are thankful for.  I know it will be so hard to do, but I think it can help.  <hugs>
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