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AF 3wks post M/C?

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Okay, so I don't know why I am stressing out so much about this -- but I am so confused!!! If you saw my post the other day, I m/c 8/30, had heavy bleeding for 6 days post m/c, then tapered off to light bleeding (brown when wiping) for another week. Two days of nothing, then AF like cramping and bright red blood. It is really weird though -- EWCM like but mixed with bright red, minimal clotting (tinsy if any) but not entirely soaking a tampon -- just kind of is in the cm on the tampon. Though when I go to the bathroom, that is when I have normal bleeding. Could this be my AF??

I POAS two days ago and had a very faint plus sign -- but I know that the pregancy hormone can remain in your system quite a while and will register with HCG levels above 20 or so. My OB that I saw did not check my levels (ever) -- and I am going to see a new OB in a week (who I am going to ask to). I

know this is not a medical board -- but I am just looking to see if anyone has experienced this or did infact get AF this soon aferwards (CD 24 today).

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Re: AF 3wks post M/C?

  • I went for my follow up 2 weeks after d&e, was told I was about to ovulate, so I should have started in 2 more weeks if my cycles were the same as before m/c.  I had what I assumed to be af starting just 6 days later (one day shy of 3 weeks post d&e).  I called the dr and she told me to come in the next week and she would do an ultrasound to see what was up.  She acted like I shouldn't be started so early...I never went cause I was so dang tired of going to the dr and having ultrasounds. 
    But, since I was ovulating I assume that it was AF, even if it was early.  I took a HPT around that time and it was negative, so obviously my levels were at or around 0.  But my dr never tested me afterwards either.

    If you find anything out, let me know.  Cause I would give a million dollars to know what the hell my body is doing.  If AF shows up a week from today, that was AF and I am back on schedule.  So we'll see.

    Sorry you're having confusion.  I know how aggravating it is.   

  • After my first m/c(natural) I got AF 30 days after it started.
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