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Did you get pain meds after D&C??

Hi Ladies- I had my D&C yesterday.....procedure was easy, but I had SEVERE cramping all last night and am still having today and I don't feel that they prepared me for this well enough. My OB did not give me any pain meds b/c he told my DH that usually the cramps aren't that severe?? I was pissed. Luckily my mom had some at home so I took some of hers b/c I wouldn't have made it through the night last night without them. I already have a call into the doc to get my own.... Just wondering if they gave you any after your D&C????
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Re: Did you get pain meds after D&C??

  • i was given darvocet but didn't really need them. my cramping never was that bad. ionly took it the first couple of nights so i could get some sleep. the only time i hurt was when i would get up and try and do things. just take it easy for the next few days.
  • I am so sorry for your loss, I too had a D & C last wednesday and yes they gave me a prescriptions for motrin and percocet. They definately should have given you something.  The cramping will come and go and I am actually still taking the extra strength motrin (600mg).  I would definately call your doctor and tell them you need something and in the mean time take 3 motrin to take the edge off.
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  • I was given a script for motrin, although I did not fill it.
  • I was given motrin 800 and i believe a Rx for percoet that I didn't fill. 
  • I wasn't given a prescription, but I also didn't need any. I'm sorry you're having so much cramping.
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  • I was given perkocet and motrin 600 but never really needed them. 
  • nope



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  • I was given a prescription for tylenol 3 this time.  I have not had much cramping with the D&C though.  I used it the first few days and then stopped and just took extra strength motrin.  I would call your dr.  Every dr. is different but if you are in pain you should be able to take something.
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  • i got a scrip for percocet and absolutely needed it!  i am so sorry you were/are in pain.  :(
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  • I am so sorry.  Shame your OB!!!!  Who is he/she to say that the cramps aren't that severe?!  My OB gave me a rx for Percocet and Ibuprofen after my D & E.   I took both (Percocet one or two times only) and they both helped tremendously!  Good luck and hope the cramping has subsided for you.  :(
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  • My ob gave me an rx for vicaden (sp?). I didn't use it, just a heating pad and I think I took some motrin after taking those pills to make your uterus contract more.


    I'm sorry :(

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