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Stillbirth/Late Loss/Infant Loss Check-in

I am going to try and get this post back on Wednesday's.  Hopefully that works for everyone.

This is a weekly check-in for women who have experiences a Stillbirth/Late Loss/ or Infant Loss. Hopefully this will be a chance for us to connect and provide additional support on our losses with other women who understand. Anyone who has experienced this type of loss is welcome to join no matter if they are taking a break, TTC, currently PG, or have delivered a healthy baby. We sadly accept new members every week:(

Nest Name: STLBride_2_Be
Real Name: Amanda
Angel Info: Addison was stillborn last year on March 21, 007 at 24w5d. We also had m/c in July 2007 and Oct. 2007.

My nest name is KristysRedBarn
My name is Kristy
Miller was born on Feb. 29th, at 17 weeks

Real name: Brandy
Nest name: banbear2
Angel Info: Raymond Bradley went to heaven on 1/24/07 when I was 20 weeks pregnant

Nest Name: stacey2005
Real Name: Stacey
Angel Info: Spencer Allen, 03-08-07, 17w5d. We believe it was a cord accident.

Nest Name: Georgia-Peach
Angel Info: Matthew, born an angel on 11-22-07 at 19 weeks.

Nest Name: lmwVA
Real Name: Laura
Angel Info: March 8th, 2007 ~ 22 weeks I had blood clotting which caused the placenta to abrupt at 22 weeks. Feb.16th, 2008 ~ 9 weeks

Nest Name: AB&TB (formerly tinablatchford while pg with my first).
Real Name: Tina
Angel Info: Our son was confirmed missed m/c at 18wks 2days. He passed due to a ringed 18th chromosome.

Nest Name: Dontblink
Real Name: Jessica
Angel Info: Cameron Douglas, 1/11/08, 21 weeks, reason for loss is still unknown at this time.

Nest name: BabyLoveBug
Angel Info: My daughter passed away while I was 41 weeks + 3 days along (2 days shy of induction

Nest Name: kxland
Angel Info: Her name was Brooke Aubrey, November 22, 2006, 22 weeks gestation, my daughter had Turners Syndrome (Chromosomal Disorder). M/c in March 2008.

Nest Name: mommy2anangel (formerly amykbride)
Real Name: Amy
Angel Info: Nathaniel Martin born still at 21 weeks 5 days on June 22, 2007. He was diagnosed at our 20 week ultrasound with a Giant Omphalocele (abdominal wall defect) and a heart defect. m/c at 7w4d in 2008.

Nest Name: YukonC
Real Name: Jen
Angel Info: delivered DD at 19 weeks on June 29, 2007 due to sever pre-eclampsia. M/C July 2008.

Nest Name: julesverne
Real name: Julia
Angel Info: Jack Stewart was born at 34 wks 1/16/08. He died 1/25 due to complications of having Ebstein's Anomaly (heart defect)

Nestname: Tams148
Real name: Tammy
Angel info: Grace Elizabeth, born at 21 weeks, 2/27/08, suspected Turner Syndrome, but testing results still aren't back. She was diagnosed at our 18-week ultrasound with hydrops, and died at 19 weeks.

Nest Name: cpsocal
Real Name: Christa
Angel Info: Leilani was lost on 08/14/07 at 18 weeks 3 days due to Turners Syndrome

Nest Names: AmberL
Real Names: Amber
Angel info: Joshua Nicholas was born at 18 weeks on December 25th, 2007 due to a placental abruption. m/c 5-19-04 at 6 weeks

Nest name: ocean75106 (formerly kroach34)
Angel Info: We lost Ava to triploidy at 19 1/2 weeks on 1/25/08

Nest Name: bride2003
Real Name: Sheila
Angel Info: Stephen Joseph delivered at home at 19 weeks on April 10, 2007 due to cervical problems unknown until day of delivery. Aug 2007 I traveled to Chicago to have TAC (transabdominal cerclage) permanently placed around my cervix to fix the problem.
2nd m/c Feb 10, 2008 at 6.5 weeks

Nest Name: ChelM1216
Real Name: Michele
Angel Info: Gwyniviere Emlyn and Onora Casidhe, miscarriaged was discovered on 2/5/08 and our girls were delivered on 2/7/08. Unknown cause for m/c

Nest name: Timmylulu
Real name: Cindy
Angel info: I delivered our son at 21wks and 2days on March 10, 2008. We don't know why, but I went into pre-term labor, hopefully dr's will get us some answers with the tests they will be running.

Nest Name: Schmoodle
Real Name: Kathy
Angel Info: We lost our twin Doodles at 23 weeks and 3 days, they were born premature due to a placental abruption on March 25, 2008.

Nest Name: Nikki731
Real Name: Nicole
Angel Info: I delivered my baby girl on March 2, 2008 at 18w 5d. I had Placenta Previa at 9 weeks

Nest Name: ToraDales
Real Name: Victoria
Angel Info: Stryker was born on October 9th at 37 weeks, his kidneys weren't working and they were 3 times the size they should have been, because of that his lungs did not have the room they needed to grow.

Nest Name: Baby McCloghry
Real Name: Jilly
Angel Info: Max Kingston McCloghry - born 23 +5 weeks at 1205 pm and lived until 1025 pm that night Went to Glory 10:25 pm Feb 27 2008.

Nest Name: HTB
Real Name: Hilary
Angel Info: Dalton was born on 1/17/08 at 25W 2D

Nest Name: outofcntrl82
Real Name: Rhonda
Angel Info: Baby boy had a very rare chromosomal disorder- a partial deletion on chromosome 21 as well as a partial trisomy of chromosome 4 attached to chromosome 21. Our baby died on March 24, 2008 and was delivered on March 26.

Nest Name: Loops925
Real Name: Lupe
Angel Info: Our baby boy's name was Jordan, at 41 wks & 4 days I was induced. Dr broke my water and discovered meconium, I had an emergency c/s 10 hrs later when my baby's h/b stopped. He was born still at 8:40 am on 2/17/08. Autopsy results confirmed that his lungs were full of meconium which caused him to not be able to breath.

Nest Name: mmcrocker
Real Name: Amanda
Angel Info: Discover m/c of Baby Crocker at 18w1d due to Protein S Deficiency

Nest name: travelbug
Real name: Bridget
Angel info: Ciara Grace - d&e on April 12,2007. She had passed due to complications of Spina Bifida.

Real name: Beth
Nest name: 450bnb
Angel Info: Makenna Grace was born on March 5, 2008 and went to heaven on March 6, 2008. She had hydrops brought on by Turners Syndrome that had to be identified through an autopsy.

Nest Name: here4u
Angel Info: Twin B lost at 21 weeks 3 days.

Nest Name: irishmama13
Real Name: Kelli
Angel Info: Erickson Thomas Gunnar born on July 23, 2008 at 31 weeks. Stillborn due to placental abruption/preeclampsia.

Real name: Elisa
nest name: emdaly
Angel info: Caroline Rose heart stopped on March 3, 2008. I had a D&E on March 5, 2008. She was 26 weeks but measured 23 weeks due to placental insufficiency.

Real Name: Kara
Nest Name: Hemb
Angel info--Our daughter, Hailee Eileen was born on 7/8/2008 at @21 weeks, 3 days due to bilateral renal agenisis.

Real Name: Vicki
Nest name: vml14
Angel info: Valerie Ann was born too early at 21 weeks on May 28, 2008. She had Trisomy 18.

Real Name: Debbie
Angel info: Chloe Eva was born on September 12, 2008 at 31 weeks 4 days.

Real Name: Sarah
Nest name: BeachBride72106
Angel info: Wyatt George was still born May 11, 2008 at 32 weeks. We think it was a cord accident. We have since learned that I am Factor V Leiden.


1. Please feel free to give a general update

2. Pg related QOTD: What types of things have you done to remember your angel? (Thanks vml14)

3. Non-pg related QOTD: What is your dream job? (Thanks vml14)

4. Any suggestions for either QOTD?

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Re: Stillbirth/Late Loss/Infant Loss Check-in

  • 1. No up-dates for me.  Just taking everything day by day and still trying to lose weight so we can try again sooner than later.

    2. We took an "It's a boy" ballon to the cemetery on Wyatt's due date.  I also made myself a rememberence bracelet last weekend.  It has Wyatt's name and birthstone with a mixture on DH's and my birthstones.  I also found out that our birthstone colors stand for Love and Peace and Wyatt's stands for goodness.  I thought that was very interesting. 

    3.  I decided to be an architect in 6th grade.  I then went to school for it and I am currently working as an architect (although I have not taken the test yet so I am still unlicensed.  Something I should really be working on.)  I guess I don't know want else I would do if I wasn't doing this.  Although if money was no object I would love to be a SAH mom someday.  But that will probably not happen.

    4. Thank you vml14 for your question suggestions.  QOTD suggests are greatly appreciated so please keep them coming. 
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  • 1.  No real updates.  We are TTC, and I got a BFN on the first cycle.  Onto cycle #2....  And, we are quickly approaching my due date, which was Oct. 7.  I am taking the day off work to have a little me time.

    2.  We have 2 trees planted in our yard... one is a pink dogwood that our familes had planted for us.  The other is a japanese maple from some friends.  I love going outside and sitting on my deck and looking at them.  Also, my DH gave me a necklace with Valerie's birthstones in it.  I've been wearing it everyday.

    3.  I've always wanted to be a SAHM... hopefully someday I'll be able to do that for a while.  Besides that, I'd love to be a singer in a rock band, but I think you need to be able to sing to do that!! :)

    4.  I'll think of some and post later...

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  • Wow, I am losing it...  We also planted a tree in our yard with a stone below it from our group of friends that says "You will never be forgotten, we pledge to you this day, a hallowed place within our hearts, is where you'll always stay.  My DH also got Wyatt's hand prints tatooed on his chest.                                                                        
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  • 1. Not much new, just waiting until next week for my first MFM appointment.

    2. For Abby's 1st birthday, we released butterflies. I also have a necklace that is engraved with her name, date of birth and footprints.

    3. music producer


  • 1. Today is 6 months since we lost our Doodles. It's a tough day, and I have a lot going on so I can't just wallow liked I'd prefer. We also had our baseline ultrasound for IVF#2 this morning (if everything is ok, today is the day I'll start my meds).

    2. So many things - we have a scrapbook, I made an online video, we have rings that we wear with our wedding bands with two aquamarine (March birthstone) stones and an inscription, we had a portrait made that I have copies of in my office and at home...I try to think of them as often as possible.

    3. Wedding/event planner.

    4. No, sorry. I'm lame.

    *** It's funny because I'm fat ***
  • 1. I saw the hematologist on Friday. He doesn't think I will have an issue with MTHFR (I have homozygous chromosome) He thinks it was just the placental abruption/pre-e. But we will know for sure after next week.

    2. So far, we have a photo up in the house alongside the urn. I have asked for a charm bracelet and a charm for Christmas. We are moving so we have not planted anything yet but once we get a permanent location I want to plant a tree in his memory.

    3. Newspaper reporter - I did this already but had to quit due to financial issues.

    4. pg related - Have you started ttc again/or how long until you started ttc
    non-pg related - What is your favorite vacation spot?
    If we traveled to your city, where would you recommend eating or visiting?
    (These may have already been asked, not sure)
  • 1. Please feel free to give a general update  I can't remember if I have posted this here or not, but they found a cyst, so I have to be on b/c for the next 6 months to a year, so life is pretty well on hold.

    2. Pg related QOTD: What types of things have you done to remember your angel? (Thanks vml14)  We planted a tree, I also have a plaque that sets in the living room and I have  bracelet and necklace.

    3. Non-pg related QOTD: What is your dream job? (Thanks vml14)  I am not sure, there are lots of things I would love to do.  I love fundraising and special event coordination, I would also love to own a bakery some day.

    4. Any suggestions for either QOTD?
    Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle!
    April 2011 CP @ 5 weeks
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