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Anyone get testing done at D&C

This is our second missed m/c.  With this pregnancy we saw the h/b twice.  Last time we saw it about a week ago.  Yesterday there was none.

I mentioned to my doctor the idea of testing the remains to see what happened.  Did the baby have a genetic problem?  He seemed to think that because I have had one sucessful PG in between my m/c's it wasn't something necessary.  However, he later said that since we saw the h/b several times and the baby measured a bit small he thinks that perhaps there was an issue. 

I wanted to address it with their office when they call today for my D&C time.  I was just curious who has done this and what were your findings?  A friend of mine who is an OB suggested that DH and I also get testing.  Anyone done that? 


Re: Anyone get testing done at D&C

  • I am so sorry for your losses. I had two early losses - a chemical pg and a missed m/c. The OB did have the fetal tissue tested after my D&C. The results were normal female tissue. This could either have been the baby's or mine...no way to know for sure :(

    My OB sent me to a RE who did the RPL (recurrent pg loss panel). This tests for chromosomal abnormalities for both DH and myself. They also ran blood tests of me for clotting d/o, immunity diseases, thyroid problems, and hormone levels. RE also ordered a SHG to check the uterine lining. While they found a large fibroid, a uterine polyp, and low estrogen levels at surge, they can't be certain any of these caused the losses. I had the polyp removed and tried clomid and injectible to raise the estrogen level. Haven't been able to get pg since :(

    I hope you find some answers. Again, I'm so sorry. The second loss was incredibly difficult to get through. You'll be in my thoughts.
  • We just had a ton of testing done afte my 2nd loss. I haven't had a successful pregnancy yet though. My doctor is referring us to an RE as well (all the testing was normal).
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  • I'm sorry for your losses.  I've also had two.  We had testing done on the fetus the second time and they found a chromosomal abnormality (69xxy).  This abnormality is not something that can be passed down from me or dh, so my dr thinks it was a fluke.  However, we did end up getting the rpl panel, with chromosome testing on both of us, and everything has come back normal.  Some drs are more agreeable to testing after 2 m/cs, others are not. 
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  • I haven't had a successful pregnacy, but my doctor did lots of testing on my husband and I after my second miscarriage.  We both had caryotypes tested, and I had my tyroid, hormone, clotting levels checked.  I also had an hsg (where they fill you with dye and take x-rays to determine if there are uterine abnormalities)
    I really wanted fetal testing, but my doctor said they don't do that for early miscarriages.  I was very upset about it, but he explained that it is impossible to distinguish maternal tissue from fetal tissue early in pregnancy, so any testing wouldn't be accurate anyway because they can't tell where it came from.  It is frustrating, but understandable. 
    Sorry, but I hope that helps.  It helped me to do the tests on myself so I felt that we were moving forward, definatly press your doctor for that part.
  • Sorry for loss. Our RE tested our fetus, we also had seen the HB twice and a week later there was none. It turned out to be Turner Syndrome. This was my first m/c, but we wanted to make sure we can do an FET instead of doing IVF again.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss. My OB offered to do testing, and I was found to have had a partial molar pregnancy. It was good to know this because it meant I needed to be monitored a bit more (hcg levels going down every week) etc. My doctor told us before hand that there was a 50/50 chance that we might not get any answers/results.
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