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chemical pregnancy

I've done some googling and many sites claim that a chem pregnancy is one in which the fertilized egg never implanted.  Isn't it impossible to get a bfp if implantation never occurred???  I thought hcg is only produced after implantation and it actually takes a few days for levels to build up enough to the point where a hpt can pick it up and give a bfp.

Some other sites seem to say that a chem pregnancy is any that was lost early and never verified by u/s.

Does anyone know?

Re: chemical pregnancy

  • Your second paragraph is correct.

    The fertilized egg never implanting would be a blighted ovum.
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  • Actually, a blighted ovum does implant.  A blighted ovum (also known as ?anembryonic pregnancy?) happens when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall, but the embryo does not develop. Cells develop to form the pregnancy sac, but not the embryo itself.

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  • I stand correct, it implants and attaches, but never develops.

    A c/p is a really early loss, before it's possible to verify before u/s.
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  • der, I stand *corrected.* Can't seem to type today.
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  • A CP is when the egg is fertilized and starts to produce HCG....A BO is when the egg is fertilized, sac is formed, but no fetus ever develops. I had this the 2nd time.
  • Your body starts producing HCG as soon as it recognizes that you are pg. My dr. said that does not mean you have to implant. But a CP could also implant but not "implant well enough" to survive [ie luteal phase is too short and your lining is already breaking down by the time implantation should occur.] HTH some.

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