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Dr is an a$$HOLE

Of course I went in there for my last u/s....I told the dr how it was unacceptable for a NURSE PRACTIONER to diagnose me and she said it is acceptable practice. I said she is not a dr. I was screaming in her face. I was screaming about the fact when I called for my bloodwork  no one would tell me the results. I told her I was bleeding a little already and can I please have the prescription for cytex(sp?) She said NO..there are too many risk factors...WHAT? And a fvcking D&C which is a surgery doesn't?  I told her to go to hell...I pray I have a natural m/c so I can move on with my life. I AM NOT doing any testing. We have decided this door is closed and we are going to adopt. I WILL NEVER do this again. Then she had the NERVE tell me the following:
  -Baby aspirin has been effective for people with multiple m/c's
 -the phone system was updated so know we can get direct messages
 -I can do the blood panel on you

OK, so if the baby aspirin thing was helpful, why didn't you put me on it? Oh, so I guess it is fine not to call people back if your phone system doesn't work...and yes, please let me have my blood tested when you WON"T EVEN GIVE ME BETA RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!

I am so furious and I am PRAYING For a natural m/c

m/c 6/05
m/c 9/06
m/c 9/08

Re: Dr is an a$$HOLE

  • My doctor recommends against Cytotec alone, as it's not uncommon to still need a d&c after taking it, if you don't m/c naturally.

    I'm very sorry for your losses.
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  • I am so sorry for you loses. 
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  • I am sorry for all that you are going through. Please discuss with your husband exactly what you want so you can make your wishes clear. He may be in a better position than you are to explain things to a doctor/ nurse right now. They cannot make you do anything that you don't want to do. If they won't give you what you want, switch doctors. There may be reasons that they won't prescribe that med, but they should explain the details with you. Good luck.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  A frustrating doctor doesn't make things any better.  I'm sorry you had a bad experience.  I hope you have a problem-free natural miscarriage and you can begin to heal.  ((hugs))
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  • Oh no, Rose--I did not know things were headed this way.  I am so sorry.  Please know I am thinking of you.  Your Dr. sounds like a real treat....

    Please take some time to heal.  If you and DH choose to adopt, and you ever need help, page me anytime.  You are in my prayers, much love, Jill
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