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Hi Ladies. yesterday i was told that I had a blighted ovum. I am 7weeks and there was just a empty sac no heartbeat and nothing else. The nurse at the RE office was suggesting that I go the route of a D&C. She even said that it could be scheduled this week. I am kind of leaning towards that but now I have been reading that this can lead to scarring and it can mess up your cervix. I really want to move on so I can get prepared to do my FET cycle. I am kind of scared. I would mind doing a natural m/c but then again I have read that sometimes that takes longer and there can also be complications from that. Also with the natural m/c you just don't know when it will happen and I work outside so I am not always near a bathroom in case of heavy soaking bleeding.  I just don't know! I was suppose to call my RE nurse back today and let her know what we are going to do but I am still trying to make this choice. How was the recovery time for a D&C? Thanks Ladies I just needed to vent.
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Re: D&C or Natural

  • I am so sorry you are in this situation.

    I was given the same option - D/C or natural miscarriage.  My doc said I could wait it out and let it happen or go for the D/C.  I was not emotionally ready to go through a natural miscarriage and I was very concerned about when it could happen ... would I be at work, driving home, out at dinner????  Since I was not bleeding yet I thought it may never happen.  I did some research on the D/C.  Of course there were pros and cons.  One thing I did read over and over about the D/C was that you were more likely to get every thing out than with natural m.  I guess that is why you bleed longer with natural m.  ????  That is just my guess. Others that have been through a natural m may be able to give you some advice. 

    Since my D/C I have had very little cramping and very light light bleeding.  My doc told me I could go to work the next day -- I decided to take the rest of the week off.  The only limitation she gave me was to keep movement to a minimum (that my bring on cramping) and no lifting over 15 lbs. 

    This is a very emotional situation for anyone.  It is up to you -- D/C or natural.  Take it one day at a time and tke care of your self!

  • i to have/had a blighted ovum. the sac measured 5w5d at 7w1d, which was the day i started spotting. originally i had made my mind up for a d&c, but as the doc was getting it scheduled i changed my mind..this was monday. i wanted to try on my own. im pretty sure i passed everything major today and after that i was a completely different person. the contractions/cramps almost disappeared completely and i can walk again. im still bleeding alot, but its not too bad. i am allowed to wear tampons, but i will only do that when i can make it back to work. ive heard that many ladies have positive experiences with a d&c so it could be a choice for you. whatever you decide, it will be right for you. im sorry about your loss.

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  • This is a tough decision... I was faced with it as well and went natural route. It is true that you don't know when you are going to start the process, but it isn't like you'll just plop it out. If you go naturally and everything goes like it should, it will most likely start slow. You will go from light bleeding to heavier bleeding and then you'll pass the fetal material. You will know when this is going to happen because you will have incredibly strong, bring you to your knees, cramps. If you choose this process there is still a chance you'll need a D & C and waiting to miscarry could take weeks. It worked both time for me, but I am afraid of surgery so it was the right decision for me.

  • You really have to decide what makes you most comfortable and go with it.  From what my doctor told me, the risks are about the same either way - a d&c can (very rarely) cause scarring, but a natural miscarriage can cause infection if everything doesn't come out.  I have done it both ways, and both times I had very strong feelings about why what I did was right, so I respect everyone's opinions, and you have to do what is right for you, but if you want an opinion of what is easier from someone who has been through both, I definatly say d&c.
    My natural miscarriage (induced by misoprostal) was a very difficult situation ... bleeding for five weeks, then after very heavy gushing and fever about a week and a half after it stopped,  finding out that it hadn't completed and had created an infection in my uterus and bleeding for another 2 weeks.  My experience is very rare (occuring more often when mosprostal is used), but it is possible, and the regardless of how long you bleed, the material you pass is difficult to see.  For my second m/c, the d&c was by far the easiest part.  You are asleep and the doctor takes care of everything.  While the experience is unexplicably difficult no matter what emotionally, the d&c allows you begin the healing process much sooner. 
  • I am so sorry that you are having to make such a tuff decision. Please do what you feel the most comfotable with. I too had decided that a medication assited miscarriage was what I wanted, but unfortuantley this did not work for me.  I took two rounds of misoprostol and nothing.  I was 12 weeks, and knew that if I kept putting it off I may be showing in the next two weeks.

    I did get the D & C and am satisfied. This was the most easy part of this whole situation.  I had minimal down time after the procedure and I am just waiting on AF to feel that I can really move on !


    Good Luck

  • Sorry for your loss. I had a m/c after IVF. My RE suggested to do a D&C and I went with that. He perform a very gentle D&C to make sure it didn't add any more problems with IF. Now I have to wait another month before going forward with my FET. I was told 2 months after your DC. I think if your RE is doing the procedure, they will be a little extra careful. Physically I recovered the next day, but since it was a gentle there was still some tissue left over and I bleed for a couple of weeks after. I hope things work out, and once again I'm sorry for your loss.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss...it looks like you've been through a lot TTC-wise.  Are you bleeding yet?  If not, a natural m/c may take a while especially since your body might not realize you don't have viable pregnancy.  If you can handle the wait emotionally and want to avoid surgery, then try to do it naturally.  Many girls have opted to do the D&C on this board and have been happy with the results.  They knew when it would happen and for the most part, when it was over, it was over.  With my natural miscarriage, I was so nervous from diagnosis that I would begin miscarrying at work, but when that day came, I was at home with horrible cramps so I called in anyway.  As you can see from my siggy, it took me a LONG time to stop bleeding.  That's another thing to consider too, although I'm not the norm by any means.  Good luck with whatever you decide.
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  • I am so sorry for your loss. I also had a blighted ovum discovered at 7 weeks. I had done IVF so my RE had me stop all meds (PIO & Estrace). I started spotting a few days after this and have been bleeding for about a week now. So I am right in the middle of a natural m/c. My RE recommended trying a natural m/c due to the risk of scarring with a D&C. For me, with my IF issues, I didn't want to take the chance of making it any more difficult to conceive. So far, I am content with my decision. I have been cramping but nothing that tylenol hasn't cured. I have had what I would consider heavy bleeding but to be honest, I am not going through a lot of pads. What I notice is that the most bleeding and passing of tissue is when I go to the bathroom. It is strange since I would expect the bleeding to be more like a period. Good luck in your decision and again I am sorry for your loss.
  • I am sorry that you are going through this.

    I was 9 wks and had a natural m/c.  I had actually scheduled a D&C, but miscarried before the procedure.  I don't have anything to compare it to, but I thought the natural m/c was a terrible experience.  It wasn't too paintful - just mild cramping - but it was extremely traumatic.  I keep thinking about the feeling of passing everything and the images. 

    I wasn't expecting to naturally m/c, so perhaps if I was more prepared for it, it wouldn't have been so bad.  I know many people feel like the experience helps with closure.  It seems like a very personal decision.
  • I am so sorry for your loss. But, I thought I'd share that i too was scheduled for a D&C but then started to m/c naturally. Truthfully, it was not as awful physically as I had read. Cramping was a bit more severe than period cramps but nothing I couldn't handle (And I am a wuss with pain) with a heating pad and Advil.

    I spotted for two days and then bled heavily for one...then on and off average flow for a week. I did take methergine to assist and it didn't cause heavy cramping either.

    Best of luck to you.....

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