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Stupid D&C ?

I feel stupid asking this. Who will help me get dressed after my D&C? I would prefer DH if I have an option.

Re: Stupid D&C ?

  • My dh was with me when I got dressed but was able to get dressed myself.  I was a little groggy but pretty functionable.
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  • I was able to dress myself. I was in a gown during the procedure, and in recovery. Then I was able to get dressed on my own, but DH was in the room with me.
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  • I dressed myself.  DH was in the room and the nurse made me try to go to the bathroom (pee) in order to leave the hospital and at that time I asked to change.  I put on underware and my pants but couldn't put on my shirt because of my IV. 
  • Thank you all for the answers. I know this was a dumb ? but I needed to know for my peace of mind?
  • Not a dumb question at all. We feel so out of control during all of this and just to know what is going to happen and what to expect about the little things makes a huge difference. Good luck during and after your d&c.
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  • So not a dumb question! I'm sorry you have to go through this. The only thing I'd add is I was in the recovery room for at least 45 mins before getting dressed and totally took my time with it. I think I got half way dressed and then sat down for a little bit because I was just wiped out. So you do get to wait for the meds to wear off. DH was with me.
  • I was awake enough afterwards I dressed myself
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