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Sigh....can today be over yet???

Something has hit me yesterday and I'm just feeling sad and tired. I remember after my first m/c, the three week mark was really tough. Today is 3 weeks since we found out there was no hb. I just want to get through the day so I can start my 3 day weekend! How is everyone else doing?

Re: Sigh....can today be over yet???

  • Today must be the day of anniversaries. Today marks 8 months since Jack died. It's funny in a way..Jack was born 7 months to the day that I found out I was preganant (so I roughly 8 mos pg when I had him)..and those were the longest months of my life..I never thought I would get to meet him. Now its been the same amount of time since we lost him...and time has flown by. I don't know if thats a good thing or a bad thing.

    I guess I'm doing alright. I'm sure I will have a few moments today. I wish I could just skip the 25th of each month. Go to sleep on the 24th, and not wake up til the 26th.

    Hang in there..we'll get through this (somehow) ((hugs))

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  • {{{HUGS}}} to you both for getting through a painful day.
    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
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  • (((hugs))) I am so sorry you are both going through such a tough day. 
  • I'm there with you. Today is my EDD. I think we need a group hug. =-)
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