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is this normal?

that I've only been talking with the RN? i saw my dr last friday when she discovered the empty sac, but since then not a peep. she hasn't even called me to talk about my options. they're sending me for a f/u sonogram today at another office and then i have no idea what happens next. they've been very incommunicato. i'm considering looking for a new doctor but that is such a pain especially since i'm in the middle of all this.
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Re: is this normal?

  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  I think that sounds normal about not having much communication at this point with your dr.   We had discovered our empty sac on a Wed. and they then scheduled me to have a repeat U/S that following Wed. to be sure there was still nothing in the sac.  So for that whole week, I spoke to no one from the dr.'s office.  I was told to call if I had any problems.  I didn't have any cramping or bleeding the week between my 2 U/S so I had no reason to talk to anyone from the dr.'s office.

    At that 2nd U/S appt the sac was still empty, so the dr. gave us our options of either allowing me to m/c naturally (which could have taken 1-4 more weeks) or I could have a D & E.  I chose the D & E route so then I spent the rest of that day setting up the appt for the D & E.

    I think that sounds normal but if you don't like the way your dr. is handling things, then I'd switch!  Good luck.

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  • that's what happened with us. we went in on a mon had an u/s then had to wait until the next mon for another u/s. i didn't even get called about my blood work.


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  • I would stick with the same doctor until you are done with this.  Afterwards it will be easier on you to switch.
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