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D&C and bleeding.....

Hi Ladies-

I just had my D&C on Tuesday. I have basically stopped bleeding....is this normal?? I am by no means complaining b/c I am still having HORRIBLE cramps, but I guess I just thought I would bleed longer.

I did have heavy bleeding Tuesday after the D&C and I would say a "medium" flow yesterday.....

Just wondering if I am going to have a lot more bleeding and I'm just having some lucky break or what's going on.......
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Re: D&C and bleeding.....

  • I am sorry for your loss.

    I bled for about 5-10 days after my d&c's. It was pretty light after the first day or two. I'd be prepared for spotting or a light flow, but you may have gotten "lucky".
  • I don't know why but I did not bleed much after d and c. I thought that's why we get the d and c. They get it all out so we don't have to bleed. Good luck.
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  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  My d& c was two weeks ago today. I bled for about 4 days after my d&c, and it wasn't heavy at all.  That said, a week later I went for a walk with DH and overdid it (I guess)--medium bleeding for the following 24 hours.  Since then, nothing, though. 

    I have continued to have cramps almost every day, though they seem to be getting less frequent.  I think it must be my uterus contracting back to normal size.  Hope that helps. 
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  • I'm so sorry you are going through this. I only bled a little bit for a couple of days and it hit me later. All told it was about 11 days. I hope you are done!
  • Mine was very minimal to just light spotting for a few days afterwards.  I can't say if I had cramps b/c I had a nasty stomach bug and fever.  I ended up in the ER b/c I was paranoid it was from the procedure.

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