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Jump Starting AF?

I posted this on TTCAL yesterday, but didn't get any replies from anyone, who could recommend what to do.

It's been over 9 weeks, since my D&C and I haven't had AF yet.  I spotted for 3 weeks after my D&C...I had 2 weeks without spotting...then I spotted again for another week.  It was mostly TMI brown, but I had one tiny red clot.  I haven't had anything else since.  My hCG level on 9/5 was 7.5.  I had my levels checked again on Monday...I was supposed to have the results on Wednesday, but the lab tech is a moron and I won't get them until tomorrow.

Has anyone used any drugs to jump start AF?  I think that provera is one drug that can be prescribed.  I would really like to avoid going on BCP.

Thanks for any help that you can offer.
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Re: Jump Starting AF?

  • I used Provera to induce AF before my M/C.  It worked. Took it for 10 days and got AF 3 days after my last pill. My doc gave my a prescription for Provera to use if AF didnt show up by 10weeks post D&C but I didnt need it because AF actually showed on her own. Ask your doc how long he wants to wait before inducing AF.    GL

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  • I have taken Provera a few times before when we had TTTC to get my period to start.  I think it took about a week -10 days from the last pill to get AF.  And I do remember AF being a littler heavier and exp more cramping with Provera-induced AF.  They may want to do some additional b/w (other than hcg) on you prior to giving you the Provera.  Good luck!
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