Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss


Hey!  I have seen you posting lately.  How are you doing?
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Re: ***IrishSapphire***

  • I am doing okay.  My temps are going up and down, so it may take a while until my cycle gets back to normal.  And I am still waiting for the rest of my Obgyn bills to come in the mail, but I am reallly thankful that my insurance paid for most of the cost.   

    My Honda Civic was stolen and then recovered last weekend (they took my baby-my Honda Civic).  I am thankful that the police recovered my Honda Civic.  But I may be dealing with the extra expense to fix the damage--luckily I have USAA insurance to cover most of the cost. 

    I am thinking I may start to TTC for either a Fall Baby or Winter Baby--I guess I just want to take it easy and not worry about TTC for now. 

    imageimageLilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Premature Baby tickers Lilypie Premature Baby tickers image BFP on 07/18/08. Miscarriage 07/30/08. BFP 3/25/09. Confirmed second miscarriage, no heartbeat, no growth beyond 7 weeks, 5/19/09. TTC again, on baby aspirin, due to value of 23 on Anticardiolipin Antibodies. BFP 11/15/09. Brown spotting, Beta 3735 11/25/09, Beta 5602 11/28/09. Anticardiolipin Antibodies now negative, still on baby asprin. On 100 mg of Prometrium (progesterone) until 10 weeks. Good heartbeat at 1st appt. 12/16/09. Started taking fish oil. Perigestational hemorrhage and red bleeding 12/17/09. 2nd Ultrasound-8 weeks, still a heartbeat 12/17/09. Baby measured 9 weeks, still a heartbeat 12/23/09. Good NT Scan on 1/8/10, heartbeat 164. EDD 7/28/10. TEAM BLUE! Aidan Thomas born on May 26, 2010. Baby #2, BFP 11/27/11, EDD 6/5/12. TEAM PINK! Noelle Elizabeth born 4/30/12. Blessing from God, Blessing from God, Blessing from God, Blessing from God.
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